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Updated on September 12, 2016


Become A Nursing Assistant

Being a Nursing Assistant is a larger job than the title portrays. Not only is a Nursing Assistant a helper for the nursing staff, they are often an anchor for the patient care. A Nursing Assistant requires a person with an unending amount of compassion for people, and the ability to stay calm under tremendous stress. Having the capacity to deal with other people is a must in being a Nursing Assistant. Working in such close proximity with a patient requires staying level headed no matter the problem in order to reassure your patient.

Nursing assistants are capable, qualified people there when needed to assist others who are ill, disabled or need assistance. The need for competent medical personnel can occur at any point in life. Nursing Assistants carry out duties such as taking care of the hygiene of patients, checking vital signs and making sure the everyday items that are used by a patient are in good working order.

Nursing Assistants are known by other titles, Patient Care Technician, Orderlies, Nurses Aides,College health insurance student and so on. Nursing Homes have always used the expertise of Nursing Assistants. The increasing need for elderly care will certainly increase in demand. Nursing Assistants are also, used in private home care. The demand for private assistance in the care of loved ones is growing. A number of people wish to keep aging parents home and are in need of qualified help.

Working in the medical field as a whole, you will be required to undergo a drug test as well as a background search, and you will need a High School Diploma. Working as a Nursing Assistant is a great way to step into becoming a licensed Nurse. Training is required to become a Nursing Assistant.

There are job situations especially Nursing Homes that will give you on the job training. Classes may be as long as six weeks at a Nursing Home Facility, the job training is usually with pay. This is a great opportunity for someone with little training and not much money, but if getting money is your reason for the job you are wasting good energy, and might do better trying something else. These facilities specialize in the care of the elderly, here you will learn a great deal about being a care giver. There is nothing like hands on experience in any profession.

Training classes are offered at the Red Cross. Classes may be a little more intense; there is a fee.The local Community College gives classes in Nursing Assistant training as well. There are enrollment and school fees to be considered and the training is longer and more extensive. With any level of education you want to apply yourself and make sure you are prepared to take your state boards. Each state has its’ requirements. You are allowed to work for a certain length of time before taking the state test. So, you do not want to neglect test date requirement after working so diligently to obtain your degree.

After getting through the training you are ready to take your state exam. Check with your "State Board of Nurses" and find the schedule for the test. The pay is not comparable to the workload, but it can be an entry point into other health care fields. As the population of baby boomers grows older there will be a growing need for Nursing Assistants and other health care workers. Earnings for Nursing Assistants are from 20 to 30 thousand dollars a year depending on where you live and your level of work experience.

Becoming a nursing assistant is not the easiest job you will find. It takes a special person, everyone is not a singer; but those who can, are great at it. The same applies to becoming a Nursing Assistants. Taking that step to become a Nursing Assistant is a challenge. However, the biggest move is deciding you are going to do it. The field of "Nursing Assistant" is open for the taking. What better training to have. No matter where you get your training; the level of expertise is entirely up to you. How well you learn, and your ability to apply what you have learned will make all the difference in patient care.

The decision is yours to join the thousands of students entering the medical field to become a Nursing Assistant. This can also be a stepping stone to a more specialized career in the medical field.


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    • Amy M profile image

      Amy M 

      9 years ago from Manzano Mountains

      God bless the nursing assistants. You are the backbone of the facility. With all too often, poor staffing, you are the nurses eyes and ears, you are often the resident's only family. It is so often forgotten that we are there for them, not the other way around. You have to love what you do to be a good nursing assistant.


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