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CBSurge Free Clickbank Tool

Updated on April 3, 2013

The CB Surge free Clickbank tool is a free Firefox addon for affiliate marketers who want to be able to instantly evaluate which of Clickbank's 16,000+ products are the ones they're most able to promote successfully.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates are the online equivalent of the old-fashioned commission salespeople. Affiliates select products they would like to promote and their usual way of being paid is to be paid a commission if a sale occurs. Most affiliates use Clickbank to find their products to sell, Clickbank is a marketplace of over 16,000 digitally delivered products that pay an affiliate 25-75% of the sale value, simply by promoting them.

It costs an affiliate nothing to join Clickbank, so it's a low cost way of making money online for many.

Affiliates will use a variety of methods to make those sales. Typically they'll do one/some/all of the following:

  • Place adverts in classified ads websites
  • Writing articles and submitting them to articles directories
  • Blogging about them on their own blog or website
  • Creating niche websites about one small area of interest
  • Using Google Adwords PPC system to place paid adverts on Google

Whichever method an affiliate marketer chooses, the starting point is research. If you're going to invest a lot of time, effort - and potentially money - into promoting Clickbank products, then you need to do keyword research first; this can take many hours as you try to plough your way through those 16,000 products, trying to work out which ones are best. You have to look at how many searches are done for that type of product, how many other people have a website that would be in competition with you, then wonder if the product's popular at all.

CB Surge Changed the Playing Field

By simply using the Firefox browser, with this free add on, you now don't have to do any of that research. The add on will simply show you which products you need to take a closer look at. All you need is a version of Firefox newer than v3.6.16 and it'll simply work.

Now, when you visit the Clickbank marketplace, CB Surge will highlight for you the products that have a high profit potential, with low competition.

You will be able to see the product trends, showing if the product is increasing in popularity or waning, to help you pick the right product to promote.

In the past, features such as this were available to a select few - the few that had deep pockets and could afford to subscribe to services. CB Surge puts that power in your hands - and it's free.

You can also automatically brainstorm a whole bunch of related keywords with CB Surge, showing you what keywords and keyphrases you could optimize for, so you know which are most likely to bring you the most traffic quickly.

If you are an affiliate, or are thinking of trying affiliate marketing, then CB Surge has to go straight to the top of your "MUST HAVE" software list. Anybody who is promoting products through Clickbank can now see which products are best for them to promote - and you need to do this too.

CB Surge literally saves you hours of hard, dull, research - and makes affiliate marketing fun again!

How Do You Find the Best Clickbank Products?

This used to be one of the most asked questions on the Internet - and the answer drove many potential affiliates to either give up, or pick something just because they liked the sound of it.

Some affiliates worked themselves late into the night to do all the proper research, to try to find that one elusive product that they could promote fairly easily.

Hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS of effort have been spent my many a frustrated affiliate - including me. In fact, you can put me down as the sort of person who just picked one that I liked the sound of :)

How do you find the best Clickbank products now? Well ... just download CB Surge for free and see for yourself.

How Do You Use CB Surge? What Does it Do?

Once you've installed the Firefox plugin, when you go to the Clickbank marketplace you'll see there are three new buttons just above the top of the "RESULTS".

There are also three new buttons right under the SEARCH BOX. These enable you to type in your search phrase and choose the "Top Gravity", "Top Movers", "Top Shakers" if you choose to upgrade to the Elite version. These enable you to see the top performing, top rising and most fallen products in the marketplace. However, if you're happy with the free version (and there's no reason not to be), you can simply search the whole marketplace to find some hidden gems maybe.

Clickbank Affiliates always look for the products with the highest gravity as being those which they are most likely to promote - but this won't help you spot emerging trends, new fast-rising future ;best Clickbank products' to promote now to get ahead of the pack.

CBSurge Clickbank Analytics Tool: Find the Best Products to Promote
CBSurge Clickbank Analytics Tool: Find the Best Products to Promote

CB Surge is a Clickbank Analytics Tool

CB Surge looks at how many searches for relevant keywords are performed each month and also looks at how many other websites are targetting those keywords, these other sites would be your competition. CB Surge gives each one a "score", based on its secret algorithm of working out searches/competition and whether the product is becoming more popular or waning in popularity (the product trend).

CB Surge then displays the score above each product - and colours the top bar green or red depending on the score it gets. The lower the score, the better chance you have of performing highly when marketing that product.

You can scroll through categories, or perform product searches, the same as normal, but these three new buttons will be showing up:

CB Surge - 3 New Buttons
CB Surge - 3 New Buttons

CB Surge uses a colour scheme of:

  • Green: This is a marketable product, based on the super-fast research CB Surge just did
  • Red: This would be very difficult for you to market, based on CB Surge's quick research

I've randomly picked a "Toddler" niche - if you were wanting to promote products for toddlers, then scrolling down the products list you might decide this one's great - but see that red band of colour - and the score of 66 that CB Surge has generated. This means instantly that you'd be hard pushed to make good/quick money from this product.

CB Surge Toddler Niche
CB Surge Toddler Niche

If you compare the above to the next product, which is coloured green and has a CB Surge score of 26, you'll see that based on just a 10 second scroll through 3 pages of Toddler products, without doing anything more, I've probably identified a top product to promote.

How hard is that? It's not is it.

CB Surge Toddler Niche
CB Surge Toddler Niche

Simply Scroll and Pick

When you can see Clickbank like this, it's a simple job that anybody can do, to simply scroll through the Clickbank marketplace and pick the product you want to either promote, or shortlist.

CB Surge empowers affiliates - especially those that have been left out in the cold without expensive research tools.

Beyond this, CB Surge also gives you keyword brainstorming and further helps you to match the perfect product for you, with the best keywords to promote it.

AT LAST!! Something finally got easier.

Features of CB Surge:

  • CB Surge Standard is a completely free, not time limited, Firefox add on. This is not a trial version, you can use this forever.
  • Compatible with all versions of Firefox from v.3.6.16 onwards
  • CB Surge is compatible with Macs and PCs
  • CB Surge makes it easy to make sense of Clickbank products and filter out those you're not interested in, focussing on the ones most likely to be profitable for you.
  • CB Surge Elite gives top affiliate marketers the edge with extra functionality

See Clickbank in a New Light

If you've struggled to make sense of Clickbank before, then now you can see Clickbank through different eyes.

See Clickbank products highlighted.

Serious About Making Money with Clickbank?

If you want to see Clickbank in a new light - download CB Surge for free. It's not a free trial, it's a great little tool to have and you can use it forever for free.

You can't afford to ignore this free Clickbank analytics tool - take the Clickbank challenge and spend just one hour seeing how it can transform your luck and judgement in picking the best Clickbank products to promote today!


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      Sounds fantastic and come back again to read it through more thoroughly. There is so much information. Thank you.


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