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CSCS Test Information

Updated on October 24, 2012

What is the CSCS test

CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a scheme to encourage health and safety practices on construction sites in the UK. An exam must be taken and passed to qualify for the CSCS card. You must have this card to enter most construction sites and will probably find it difficult to get work without one. While it is not a legal requirement, most of the major contractors now insist on employees having a card.

Passing the CSCS Test and qualifying for a card shows that your awareness of health and safety requirements and that you have achieved the required level of knowledge on health and safety , this in turn will increase your chance of employment.

The CSCS card is also an I.D. card which can be checked both online, and by regularly updated lists of members, by employers. This also prevents the use of forgeries or stolen cards.

There are several levels of card and these are identified by different colours:

Red for Trainee, Graduate, Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager, Experienced Worker.

Green - Construction Site Operative.

Blue - Craft(Skilled worker) .

Gold - Supervisory .

Black - Management.

Yellow - Professionally Qualified Person / Regular Visitor.

White for a Construction Related Occupation.

There are many test centres nationwide where CSCS test can be taken, also mobile test centres for more out of the way areas. When booking a test you can choose where to take the test and what date and time you would prefer. Test can be taken in many languages.

Taking the CSCS Test

Most people think the exam is fairly simple. especially if you already have construction site experience. You will probably already know many if not all of the answers although it is a good idea to revise before you take the the test as there are a few which could need a refresher. for example areas like which fire ,extinguisher to use for different types of fires.

Exams are taken on a touch screen computer and are multi choice. You will be required to take certain documents with you when you go to the test centre. passport photos to put on the card and proof of ID e.g. passport or other photo I.D> to prove who you are. Your picture is also taken at the test centre. You get a chance to practice before taking the test. The tests are multiple choice and 50 questions are selected for you to answer from a pool of about 400 questions.This is for the operatives test if you are applying for a higher card you will get extra, more specific questions. you are expected to get 47 questions correct to pass the standard test.

CSCS Test Training Materials

Revision books and lists of questions can be purchased or you can attend a training course but the revision information and mock test questions can also be found online and booking the test online is also quite simple.

Further free revision material for the CSCS Test and example mock test questions can be found at at my CSCS Card blog


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    • profile image

      Miles 3 years ago

      For the green card how many marks do you need to pass.

    • profile image

      kevDaylis 5 years ago

      there are 50 questions and 47 to pass. Since april 2012.

      6 of these are behavioural case study questions which ask you what you would do in a particular situation. checkout for the latest info

    • profile image

      jamie thomson 5 years ago

      how meny questtions do u have 2 get 2 pass cscs test 2012 theres 50

    • profile image

      stupid 5 years ago

      it tells you there 40 questions how can you not see that

    • profile image

      kevDaylis 5 years ago

      You'll need to get 47 correct

    • profile image

      lee 5 years ago

      out of 50questions, how many do i need to get right to pass?