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CV Sample

Updated on March 24, 2011
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Free CV Sample

Curriculum Vitae of

Contract No : 01920499824

Intend to pursue a career in an organization where there is ample scope to learn and grow and achieve a significant position in the echelon by one's own performance and efforts.

Graduation :
Name of Exam. : 2nd Years B.Sc. (Hon's) Exam
Subject : Accounting (Running)
Institute : Sheikh Burhan Uddin Post Graduate College,
University : National University, Gazipur.

Higher Secondary Certificate :
Name of Exam. : Higher Secondary Certificate Exam
Group : Commerce
Exam. Year : 2006
Institute : Chapitola Forid Uddin Sorker degree College, 
  Mouradnager, Comilla.
GPA : 3.50
Board : Comilla Board

Secondary School Certificate :
Name of Exam. : Secondary School Certificate Exam
Group : Commerce
Exam. Year : 2004
Institute : Pir Kashimpur R.N High School, 
  radnagar Comilla.
GPA : 3.00
Board : Comilla

Name : Md. Helal Ahamed
Nick Name : Tonmoy
Father's Name : Md. Fazlur Rahman
Mother's Name : Morzina Begum

Present Address : 37/4, Kazi Aladdin Road, SiddiqueBazar

Permanent Address : Vill : West Jangal, P. O. : Gazipur
  P. S. : Moradnagar Dist.: Comilla

Date of Birth : 01/09/1984
Nationality : Bangladeshi (by Birth)
Marital Status : Unmarried
Religion : Islam (Sunni)
Height : 5'-6''
Sex : Male

Proficient in working with MS-Office (MS-word, Power Point, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Quark Express), Internet explorer.

 Working in social service.


1. Reading novel, poem, English, literature and any other books of famous writer.
2. Traveling in historical places.
3. Gardening.

1. English : Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing good.
2. Bengali : Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing excellent.

Have ability to organize work in stressful situation for long hours within a team.

I am an energetic young man of excellent outstanding pleasant personality having strong inter-personal skill and ability to work at high space on one's own initiative.

  (Md. Helal Ahamed)
Date : 

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