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Starting a Cake Decorating Home Based Business

Updated on June 26, 2017

Spongebob is a Very Popular and easy cake


Hobby into business

Cake decorating is a wonderful home business opportunity that is often overlooked. And for anyone with any artistic ability, it could be an easy solution to start to generate extra income. With the abundance of individuals too busy to take the time to personalize a birthday, anniversary, wedding cake, turning to a small business to make a truly unique cake can be seen as a valuable option to buying a mass produced cake from a local grocery store. And on top of that, by starting your business from home you can minimize your cost. This in turn creates a wonderful business niche that the Mass producers cannot compete with, along with the established cake decorators that will charge top dollar for their personalized cakes.

The wonderful benefit of decorating cakes is, there is a year round demand for them and as long as you are able to generate awareness of you talents, people will seek you out and you will find you have more business than you have time.

The two main keys to becoming successful is:

Being able to produce quality and unique designs that have mass appeal


Learning how to generate that interest in your product.

So, let's talk about those to keys, and start you on your way to a cake decorating business of your own.

Learning how to decorate cakes

Learning how to decorate cakes can be a trying experience. But there are options out there to help any aspiring cake decorator learn their way. Often, in most cities in the U.S, there are Bakery stores that offer classes. These can be a great opportunity to get a grasp of what it will take to become a cake decorator. They can be pricey though, and for those of you who have a pretty good understanding of how to decorate a cake, but lack some of the Techniques required to be a proficient cake decorator, there are hundreds of books available to help you learn tip patterns and techniques, along with learning how to lay fondant and use other mediums to help you produce fancy and fun little edible pieces of art.

There is always formal schooling, but I think that most of the cake decorating business requires you to be artistic. So once you learn technique, it is a matter of repetition.

Michael's crafts is another place that offers lessons. Specifically, they offer the Wilton's courses. Which can be a good source of information.

Ways to advertise your business

Amazingly enough. There are tons of ways to advertise your new and aspiring business. Most grocery stores have bulletin boards that allow you to place fliers. There are easy to use software to print up your own personal business cards. You can participate in local bake sales. You can donate cakes to Charities.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Just by starting by making cakes for friends and family can quickly turn into making cakes for friends and family and friends of those friends and family, and before you know it you will have repeat customers from that alone.

Another very useful way to promote your new business is through social networking sites like Facebook. Many of us have a Facebook account, and many of us have hundreds of friends and connections on our Facebook account that are always looking for the opportunity to personalize a cake for a loved one but do not poses the the ability their self to do that, just letting people know that you are open for business can produce a lot of extra business opportunities for your local cake decorating business.

On top of that, writing articles and creating your own blog are great ways to use the internet to help you generate the attention your business needs in order to thrive.

What little Girl would not love a Dora Cake?


Start Decorating cakes now

So, what are you waiting for. Buy a book. Make up some business cards. Let your friends and family know that you want to make cakes and you want their honest opinions to your ability. There is nothing to lose. Your not investing tens of thousands of dollars to get this business started. Just a little time and effort and before you know it your cake decorating business with take off.

Patience and practice and hard work and the opportunities can be significant. And remember that the internet can help you with almost anything, you can search anything you can imagine, and almost always you will find someone who has already figured out how to do it.

This basic model can be applied to many different business opportunities. This is just an example of what is possible if you set your mind to something. The hardest obstacle to overcome is often the initial commitment you have to make to yourself, in order to get your own home base business started.

The most important thing to remember is, this will take time, it is a process. You will learn what works and what doesn't. And you will learn what you can do, and what you cannot. This will streamline your business, and make you more profitable, and make your time more productive.


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