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Can You Impress Your Interviewers And Land A Job You Think You May Not?

Updated on October 11, 2014

Job seeking candidates make all possible efforts to land in a job they like. They prepare well for the interview but if they have doubts in their mind, they may most probably not be selected for the job.
The truth is those who conduct interviews want to choose a candidate with a specific mindset. If they find that you do not have it, you are not chosen for the job. They want you, as a candidate, to communicate the mindset they expect. In general, a 'powerful mindset' is what interviewers are looking for. Such a powerful mindset is needed because there may be occasions when you may be confronted with crisis situations. Likewise, you may have to tackle certain tough customers for which you need this mindset.
But how can you acquire such a 'powerful mindset'? David Dubois, a marketing faculty at the International Business School, Insead, suggests an idea. According to him, you should recollect a real life situation in which you acted powerfully. You should re-live or invoke the feelings you had during that real-life situation. This will help you behave or communicate your powerful mindset to the interviewers.
David Dubois and his colleagues conducted an experiment also for proving that such manipulated power can help candidates impress their interviewers.
Another trick is to wear dresses or objects that can boost your confidence level or help you communicate your powerful mindset. Even small and unconscious moves can bring a profound and positive transformation to your behaviour during an interview.
'Power poses' can also increase the confidence of candidates so as to impress interviewers. David Dubois advises candidates to have what he calls 'The de Gaulle Mindset.' During the Second World War, Charles de Gaulle did not have a big army. He was accompanied by a small army when he fled to London. Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of England and he sarcastically reminded de Gaulle that only because of the support of the allied forces, he and his small army are surviving. He also asked de Gaulle how he thought he represented France when he did not even have a big army. De Gaulle stood tall and erect and asked Churchill why he was talking to him if he did not represent France. Churchill was taken aback by the powerful posture and retort of de Gaulle and he sat again and continued his discussions.
In short, interviewees are advised to communicate their powerful mindset to land in a job they are aiming at.


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