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Can You Start a Career After 60?

Updated on February 16, 2014

Find A Job That Makes You Happy

Sometimes you have to change directions...

Changing jobs is a bold move for people over 60. Is it the worst decision or the beginning of the best second fifty years of your life? It is a life changing event that is worth the risk if you have strategic job search plans to meet the challenge of finding a new job. Whether you’re forced to change jobs because of layoffs, business closing, reorganization or personal choice-jumping into a new job at 60 requires calculated decision-making.

Decide what type of job you want and research companies that hire older workers. Take inventory of transferable skills. Compare your skills to the job skills in the job description. Take necessary steps to upgrade or learn any new skills required. Peruse the classified ads career section for job openings. Sign up with several temporary agencies and earn money while checking out work environments at different companies. Visit or go online to find out what services the local state employment office offers to aid your job search.

Design a skill or job directed resume and compose a simple cover letter. Use job descriptions to create job directed resumes for specific jobs. Review your transferable skills inventory list to develop a skills resume and highlight the skills based on the job description. Write all resumes mimicking the job descriptions. Type your resume on a computer for fast editing and to produce mass copies easily. Personalize your cover letter. Print your resume and cover letter on quality paper.

Register and build a profile on online job banks. Find government job websites and apply online for federal, state, city and county jobs. Set up job alerts on all job bank websites to get daily, weekly or monthly updates on new jobs. Join social networks groups and participate in local job clubs. Work as a volunteer 1 or 2 days a week with a company with jobs that fit your job criteria. Network with other job seekers and cultivate referrals.

You can also become an enterprising entrepreneur. Start a business and create your own job - one that compliments your interests. Research how to start a business. Evaluate the pros and cons of starting a business. Take a course on how to start your business. Collaborate with another person with similar interests and start a business together. Turn a hobby into a money-making venture or research and find franchise opportunities. Explore opportunities for work-at-home jobs. Find work as an independent contractor and freelance your marketable skills.


Companies hiring older workers include: Home Depot, Borders, Walgreens, Quest Diagnostics, Home Instead, Pitney Bowes, AT&T, MetLife and Avis

Temporary agencies provide testing to upgrade skills for better placement opportunities.

Find a career counselor through American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Government jobs have openings even with the furloughs and hiring freezes

Best social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo and LinkedIn


Watch out for scams on the work-at-home opportunities. Do not pay for job information that can be easily found on the Internet or at the local employment office.


Helping Employers connect with the over 50 talent pool:

The complete resource for retirees and those planning for retirement:

Over 50 and looking for a job:

No pastures here:


AARP National Employer Team:

Free course on how to start a business:


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    • MizJeannie profile image

      E. Jeannie Sanders 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Old is old. If it sounds better to say older...go ahead - but they are still old.

    • MizJeannie profile image

      E. Jeannie Sanders 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      The golden years are not all what they are cracked up to be for older workers.

    • profile image

      suzanne aka old worker 3 years ago

      informative. But your statement under tips is a bit offensives "companies hiring OLD WORKERS." Really? You think OLD WORKER is the correct wording?

    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 5 years ago from California

      What an inspiring hub mizjeannie! It seems that as we age there are fewer and fewer things to look forward to. Although I do see a slight trend in the value of older workers, most of the hot silicon valley companies like Google do not have much interest in an over 40 new hire. (Or so I have been told)- I was very impressed with your attitude! Thank you for sharing!

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