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Make Your Career Fit Your Motivation

Updated on March 1, 2018
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Deidre has a Masters in applied linguistics and translation for her 20 years overseas, then she worked as a certified provider of the MBTI®.

Feel the need for a job change? The typical person in the work place will rotate through several job roles during his or her career.

  • One person may find it difficult to withstand a particular job for more than a certain number of years.
  • Others want to use their extensive experience more broadly, and seek guidance as to what job roles would best fit one's personal aptitudes and background.
  • Still others sense they are ready for a change or are over stressed, but don't know why or what to look for.

Whatever the case may be, what personally motivates us is key to finding a job that we can do well and productively.

Paths - choices


Personal Motivation

One of the most helpful and edifying exercises is to think of stories about our experiences from age six to the present that help bring to light out natural abilities and motivations. These stories are about something we did or created that was very satisfying and enjoyable to do.

This can reveal preferred mental processes, and also abilities we preferred using when relating to data and interacting with others. These natural abilities are those that rejuvenate our energy. It is upon these abilities that we are to build our career, as explained in the following article.

My Own Various Career Paths as an Example

My own history provides an example of the variety of job roles one can have throughout his or her career.

Most of a 19-year span was spent learning a minority language in Asia and translating the New Testament and Genesis. Interspersed at various times overseas I was a translation consultant, workshop event organizer, work coordinator and throughout the mother of two children and a wife.

Since then I've also been an associate personnel director and an academic training coordinator. I also was trained in career management and assessment.

Here's Susie's story.

Susie's Discovery

After Susie completed a package of career guidance assessments, she said, It confirmed that I had not made a big mistake getting into my current job. I had been worried that I had made a big mistake and seemed to be lacking in skills to avoid burnout, and this gave me way to not burnout. I knew very little about myself regarding what types of jobs or careers would be a good fit for me. Career guidance really helped me figure that out!

It also confirmed another possible job type I was interested in. I did not know before career guidance why I kept having a feeling that this other possible direction might be fun.

When we discover enough about ourselves we can choose a more fitting job, or even hobby—those that employ our natural

  • abilities,
  • decision-making processes and
  • environments

This will make us more productive in the long run and also energize us.

Some of us may have a combination of personality and interests that are quite complex. A deeper look at personality type and interests may be called for. Various career assessment tools can help sort those out!

© 2010 Deidre Shelden


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