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Saving Cash, Money Tricks To Make Your Cash Grow, Pillow Talk Series Vol.3

Updated on July 22, 2012

Cash, Make It Grow-Pillow Talk Series Vol.3

When it comes to liquid cash that we all strive for sometimes it can be hard to come by. When your next paycheck is coming and you already know that its gone, its time to start thinking about a budget. Especially if you are in a committed relationship, a budget is something that everybody can use and NEED. One of the hardest things that people can do with your money is put themselves on a budget. Free spending with debit cards make in pulse purchases easier to drain your bank account. Some people love to visit the mall to see what is new in stores, but keep on driving by the mall and don't stop. Better yet, save the gas money, and if you are able to, take a bus to the mall or to a discount store. To help your cash grow, before you leave the house have a shopping list ready. If you stick to the shopping list you have created you will be less likely to impulse shop. Just purchasing everything on the list that you actually need and us.e can help your cash grow. Great deals come and go. The deal you see this week will be back again. It may not come back next week or next month, but that deal or a better deal will show up again. Don't be tempted to buy something that is not on your list, that will become a budget buster where you will have to explain to your partner why you purchased that item! And no, hiding something you know you shouldn't of purchased is not allowed. Some people have different rules that they use to see if they really need to buy something. If you do see something that you want, and not need(yes you know there is a big difference), then wait 10-15 days to see if you still want, and not need that item. I promise you, it is something that can wait for later after your cash starts to grow. During Pillow Talk time with your partner talk every night about making your cash grow, and encourage one another to avoid those inpulse purchases

Pillow Talk Series Vol. 3 also will suggest that you and your partner skim off the top!  Skim money from your paychecks.  When ever you get some extra money, deposit that money into a savings account.  Or a fun spending account for a rainy day.  Direct deposit is a great way to save and forget it.  You can set up the direct deposit for your paycheck to have a portion go to a seperate account that you don't use. I recommend to people who have a hard to saving is to start the seperate account then cut up the debit card they give you for it, so you will be forced to actually drive to the  bank branch to withdrawal funds if you can restrain yourself from using it.  Take money from your main deposits and move them to a seperate account, your money will pile up quicker if you can do this.  Most banks also will allow you to set up sub savings accounts, so you can plan for Christmas or that trip you have been wanting to take.  Have a portion of your deposit go into these accounts and forget about them for awhile.

If you have some credit cards that you haven't used too much, or that you know you are a great customer, then its time to call your credit card company and try to lower the interest rate on your card for its balances, or transfer to a different card with a smaller interest rate.

The last suggestion that I can recommend is to talk about how to make your home more energy efficient.  Personally, my wife and I have installed energy saving lighting throughout the house.  Weatherstrip your doors and windows, and check for leaks in pipes and the windows and all doors to see where cold air comes in, and where your hot air escapes.  Most people don't realize how much money they spend on trying to heat their house because they have a poor heating system.

Make your cash grow day by day, and you will have a ton of money to play with on a rainy day.


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      Daniel 3 years ago

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      intriguewriter 8 years ago from worldwide

      good tips