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Celebrity Firings

Updated on July 12, 2013

Do the power celebrities wield or think they wield impact the buying public on the products they represent? Some individuals believe it does while others make up their own minds on what they will purchase regardless of whether a celebrity is promoting it. Being a celebrity has consequences when statements or issues are raised and it does not seem to matter when comments are made it can impact agreements they have with various organizations. Recent events regarding Paula Dean are examples of this consequence. While celebrities can be and have been fired regarding statements or comments made the question which needs to be answered is whether the past should remain in the past.

Paula Dean is not the only celebrity who has been fired or had their contractual agreements severed. There have been many. The situations around each of them are unique to each of them in some respects. The actions taken by some may be appropriate given the circumstances or issues involved but in others the actions taken may be considered extreme. There have been many statements made by organizations regarding celebrity comments and/or content of radio or television programs that the station does not necessarily agree with the content. This type of statement releases stations from giving the appearance of agreement. Should this have been done in this case it can only be answered by the organizations which severed ties to Paula Dean.

Our society has changed greatly since it first began and many of the changes have been good for all of us. I do not condone inappropriate statements by anyone whether they are a celebrity or not as they do not belong in a country with the principles on which it was found. Many celebrities and those who are not often provide a positive influence on us as individuals. Removing the opportunity for that positive influence hurts us all. I agree that companies dependent upon their contractual agreements have a right to sever their contracts with individuals but they must consider the potential backlash from the public. .

We as individuals buy products and do not base our decision on whether a celebrity is promoting it or not it is the quality and price of the product to meet our needs and wants. While actions of individuals or organizations may not always be in good taste buying their products does not necessarily mean we as consumers condone their actions. True there are times where there is such an outcry from the public that products are boycotted for a period sending a signal to a company or organization.

Over the years people can change their attitude and/or the words they use. Should individuals who have changed be penalized for their past? Statements by celebrities should not automatically mean the organizations with which they are associated agree with them. It is an unfair association though it does happen. Companies when they feel they are embarrassed by statements of their celebrities should issue a statement they are not in agreement with any statement or statements being made. Companies need to consider the association they have had over the years with specific celebrities and whether they want to throw away that relationship and how the public will react.

Reactions to celebrity firings vary as many celebrities have a following just like Paula Dean. Do companies want their products boycotted when the public feels a decision to sever ties was the wrong one. All companies associated with celebrities need to consider potential public reaction similar to the one with Paula Dean.

One statement which needs to be stated is that companies or organizations that have agreements with celebrities have all the right to sever their contract with the celebrities with which they work. The basis for the severing of ties to celebrities should not be based on events in their past for which they should have known but want to forget when they began the association. The point to be made in all of this is the action of forgiveness. People make mistakes and they learn from those mistakes in most if not all cases. While forgiveness may not necessarily fit all situations but it is something that should be considered before severing ties.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 4 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by and the vote up. I appreciate all comments.

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      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Great hub. Voted up.