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Character Reference Letter Sample

Updated on August 9, 2017

Character Reference Letter Basics

Do you need to write a character reference letter for someone?  The you are probably wondering what to write.

A good character reference letter says something nice not only about the person in general, but also about their skills and positive attributes, especially if they need it for a new job.

If you don't feel comfortable writing references then by all means you can decline, but if you like the person and rate their skills or personality highly then you really should go ahead and write one.

If it's a work related reference (you were their boss and they need a reference for a new job), then go ahead and use company letterhead stationery, but if you are writing as a friend or colleague then only use plain paper.

A good character reference letter doesn't have to be long, in fact some of the best letter's are short and to the point.

Here is a sample character reference letter that you can use.  It's fairly standard and you may wish to add, change or remove sentences to suit your needs.

Sample Character Reference Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have known and worked with John Doe since he joined our company, The Pearsons Group, in 2005.

John is a talented communicator and his marketing skills have been instrumental in the growth of our online marketing department which experienced tremendous success over the last few years.

Throughout his career at The Pearsons Group I have always been impressed with his great work ethic , his diligence and attention to detail. He has shown that he is a valued team member.

On a personal level I have always enjoyed John's great attitude and humour and he has always been a delight to be around.

I, and my fellow colleagues, wish John the best and know that he'll continue to have great successes in his future career.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Pearsons


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