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Characteristics of Leadership in an Organization

Updated on June 21, 2018

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the art of influencing others to guide their will, efforts, and abilities to the accomplishment of leader's aims. From the context of associations, leadership lies in affecting individual and group endeavour towards the optimal accomplishment of organizational goals.

Leadership targets “people" aspect of direction and is founded on the premise that organizational efficacy significantly depends upon their motivation, work, and skills. The human relations movement, starting with the Hawthorne research in the early twenties, centered on the significant purpose of employee motivation and group standards of organizational achievement. This resulted in recognition of leadership efficacy as a significant determinant of organizational effectiveness.


Characteristics of Leadership

Leadership features are a fascinating subject because some folks wonder if they have these characteristics without fully understanding what they may be. To put it differently, we've got people trying to work out if they're leaders, but they don't know exactly what defines a pioneer. It's time to have a good look at a few of the aspects of a leader.

Interpersonal Skills

The initial leadership feature is Interpersonal skills. Leaders who have earned the trust and respect of their followers may use this hope to move the business towards the accomplishments of its objective. These leaders can use their interpersonal skills to work through challenging relationships and maintain the peace of their branches. All these people are good at listening in addition to providing constructive comments.

Communication Skills

Leaders displaying communication skills are equally fantastic listeners and speakers. During their voice, they can keep the work motivated and dedicated. They also listen to their followers and ask questions if They Wish to Be Certain they have a Fantastic Comprehension of What's Being expressed

Organizational Consciousness

Leadership characteristics occasionally go beyond personal characteristics and touch on subjects like organizational knowledge or consciousness. These are leaders who know what the company wishes to reach and understand how it can be achieved. They create programs within the business to aid their teams to get work completed, and are equally as proficient at breaking down organizational barriers to advancement.


Leaders will need to take themselves with confidence, and ought not to be scared to take possession of both popular and unpopular choices. They have to have the ability to understand from criticisms and be frequently acutely conscious of their shortcomings. Confident leaders can keep a calm demeanor during crises, and this is sometimes infectious when it has to be.


Leaders should also value the diversity of a workforce, and understand a diverse set of workers will bring a broader perspective to the company. They'll treat followers together with all the respect that they deserve, nor display favoritism. They function using a high degree of integrity, which becomes an excellent example for others to follow.

Creativity Skills

Leaders demonstrating creativity abilities can come up with innovative solutions to old issues. The diversity they construct in their associations allows them to develop broader answers to routine questions. Creative leaders can translate technical information into options which are known to everybody.

Achieving Results

Leaders just don't set the example for others to follow. Besides, they play a considerable part in attaining the aims of the business. During their leadership abilities, they keep a high degree of performance within their companies, and they're in a position to maintain their workforce moved when confronted with a seemingly hopeless situation.

Because they have a profound comprehension of what a company should achieve, they can rapidly identify and resolve the critical aims of a company.

Leadership is significantly more complicated than earning a high-status standing in business, and also the capacity to order people to do things. It's a participative journey the leader has to be prepared to walk with other people. It's a skill that is obtained over a lifetime, and such attributes are something we could practice about every day of our life. A Great leader is one who learns from his mistakes.


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      11 months ago

      Excellent article.


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