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Cheat Search Engines and Maximize Your Traffic

Updated on September 17, 2013

SEO to the Rescue!

When applied in an effective manner, search engine optimization is the best Internet marketing strategy for any business. Even though you have the most informative and attractive web site with you, if no one is able to find it, you will achieve nothing from it. Here, I have shared some proven methods which you can apply in your site to enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

Wise Use of Keywords = Higher Rankings
Wise Use of Keywords = Higher Rankings

Use Your Keywords Wisely

If you are hoping to rank your pages within the top search results of any search engine, SEO writing techniques should to be applied within your natural writing styles. In order to do so, you’ll have to tactically maintain a fair balance between the right amounts of keywords to provide a better keyword density for the search engines to notice your site, without making the content looks awkward, if you manage to spread your chosen keywords and phrases throughout your whole content, the search engines will surely rank your pages highly for those targeted phrases and terms.

Build Backlinks from Quality Sites
Build Backlinks from Quality Sites

Link Directories for Direct Blacklinks

If you decide to use link directories in order to build direct backlinks, make sure you only use high quality links from legitimate sites. Most of the directories available now are outdated and degraded because of their design flaws. So always double check when linking your site with them and assure to use only the quality sites when building the links.

Watch to Understand How Better SEO will Skyrocket Your Traffic

Use Variations In Titles

Though all the content in your site might be wrapped around a same topic, make sure to use unique and tempting titles for pages in your site. Use your imagination and invent new creative unique titles which won’t be either too long or too short. It's always the first few words of a title which catches readers' interest and lure them to read the rest.

Stick to the Legit Ways
Stick to the Legit Ways

Avoid Black Hat - Use White Hat !

If the search engines realize that you are secretly pulling your strings behind the scene and deceiving them to achieve higher rankings for your site, that's when you'll have say bye to all that traffic you've been receiving since. Search engines would make sure to push down all your pages manually and degrade them all. Major search engines will even ban the most reputable companies without any second thoughts! So to keep your ranking safe, the best thing to do is to just stay away from any black-hat method and choose only the ethical ways when building your rank.

Furthermore, in order to preserve your higher rankings on Google or in any other search engine, you would have to avoid providing the same content all over your site. If you can, try to target different demographic locations by providing unique content.

Experiment with Long Tail Keywords
Experiment with Long Tail Keywords

Looong Taaail Keywordsss... At Your Service!

If you use longer forms of keywords and phrases within your content, it will be beneficial in generating higher amount of search hits for your site. Even some say they don't, still, many search engines rely on keyword stemming. When you choose the singular form of the keyword (e.g. accountant) results for the plural or variations (i.e. accountants, accounting) may not send seekers to your website. Including all possible variations of your keyword and keyword phrases (i.e. senior accountants) within your content will ensure your site’s position within the top search engine results.

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Keep on Doing it Till You DIE!

And remember, even you applied everything as I have suggested in here, you duty won’t be finished yet. Search engine optimization cannot be done that simply and it’s not a “one time thing” to wrap up just like that. You must always be well informed and updated about everything happening on SEO and keep on gathering new knowledge and wisdom, in order to preserve your rankings for longer.

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