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Choosing A Name For Your eBay Business

Updated on February 14, 2012

What's In A Name

Choosing a name for your eBay business is rather like choosing a name for your child. A name for life (yes I know you can change both but you know what I mean). As an eBay Consultant this tends to be one of the hardest aspects when talking with a client.

The name you choose for your eBay shop or store, will stay with you for the life of the business you are running, so you need to think long and hard about the name you choose. As an example the name I choose for my eBay Shop was Linford Direct Auctions - you see I set up my business back in the year 2000, and then I was selling all my items at auction. Now some 12 years later 80% of my items are sold as Buy It Now items and only 20% (and that 20% is on a good month) are sold as auction items. So you see the name Linford Direct Auctions does not fit my business model.

The same goes for my main blog My Auction Empires..........again it has that word auction in the title. So do I change the names or not. To be honest changing the eBay shop name is not really that hard, just change the name, buy a new domain name and keep the two names forwarded to the shop, choose a new logo and the job is done. Simple.

But when we come to my blog is has some very high ranking keywords that appear in the search engines some on page 1 of Google, so do I really want to loose those ? No not at all and there are ways around this which will be covered in other hubs.

So when you start to brainstorm ideas for a blog or eBay shop take some time and think about what you will be selling and what you would like to be selling in the years to come. For now I will give you some examples to start your thought process.

Amber's Jewellery - A good name people feel safe when buying from a girls name and it says what it is Ambers Jewellery. But what if Amber wants to sell other things, see can but people might think why is a Jewellery shop selling kitchen items.

Amber's Fashion - A bit better here as it allows Amber to sell Fashion items from Jewellery through to clothing. But still she might be hard pushed selling kitchen items

Ambers Great Finds - Here we have a name that allows Amber to sell anything in her shop. The name tells us the shop is full of great finds that Amber has been out and sourced for us to buy. She can sell anything she wants and can keep changing product lines without people saying why is a jewellery shop selling car parts.

In closing take time when choosing your business name, make it easy to understand and spell and try to make the name as generic as possible.

Share your thoughts and ideas on names for your businesses

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