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Choosing a Dream Career: The Job I Would Choose...

Updated on February 28, 2009
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 10 years.

Working on my dream job would be creatively exciting.
Working on my dream job would be creatively exciting.
The job also has to have the opportunity for a little high diving risks to make it worthwhile.
The job also has to have the opportunity for a little high diving risks to make it worthwhile.

My parents always told me ever since I started school to prepare for the day after college graduation. That's when the real world starts and the job lines get much smaller. Get a job, but choose wisely since that will be your occupation for the rest of your life.To tell you truth, I was scared to death of college graduation day because it was the moment when adulthood really hit me in the face. I had to accept responsibility for myself and face reality that my ideals weren't going to get me far without a little office drudgery.

The work dilemma was always an issue for my family, as well as for me. I understood that hard work provided you with a sense of responsibility and pride in what you do. What work never instilled in me was a sense of passion or even remote interest. I cared about keeping my job and getting a steady paycheck, but that was all. I was never inspired by my last job as a customer service representative. I detested talking to annoying customers and brides obsessed with too many details. The irony of my situation right now happened when my steady paycheck job went out of business and everyone became unemployed. Like my former colleagues, I've been struggling to find work, any work, and sitting at home with nothing to inspire me.

During my near seven months of unemployment, I've lost the will to get up in the morning. I'm simply bored out of my mind and everyone around me started talking to me in an indiscernable language. My temper was chopped to bits with a kitchen knife. One day, I somewhat snapped out of my funk and decided to figure what I really wanted in my professional life. First, I had to decide what the difference was between a job and a career to see which I preferred.

I've always been told a job is your reality and a career is when your professional dream has been realized to some degree. Ideally, eveyone wants to have the career instead of the day-to-day job. If you hear otherwise, people are lying through their teeth because no one wants to be miserable while they work. Sadly, this economy rollercoaster isn't giving many much of an option. My idea of a career was a job that didn't seem like one. You could do this job without any of it bothering you whether it was as a football player or a janitor. If you love what you're doing nothing else came close. A job was always a back up option, or a last resort, until something better came along.

Unfortunately, my back up job became my only job and pinned me up against the ultimate career obstacle. I can't get work due to my experience or lack thereof. I can do office work, but I'm not comfortable getting someone else's coffee. It would demean me too much to do something like that. I know I'm not someone who deserves a corner office. My degree should mean something more than that. What's the point of having a college degree if it's only used as office decoration? I can't even use it to get a job in customer service or delivering coffee.

As a result of my pessimism, I've been dreaming a lot more about what I would love to do as a career. It might sound a little childish in these hard economic tmes, but it's the only thing keeping me sane. I would love to be a professional writer. At the moment, I'm not going to say which area because I want to broaden my possibilities. I love fiction writing, poetry, journalism and would even edit other books if I had to undestand the literary business. The catch-22 of this dream had always been experience or the fact I don't fit in with the writer image.

Writing was the passion that got me through the darkest days of my youth and kept me from pulling my hair out at home. I constantly get new ideas for stories, articles and even poems. I'm currently developing a fiction story about three main characters and their struggles for better lives. The results have been a mix of humor and high drama. Someday I would also love to write screenplays because of the numerous stories I have in my head could transfer to the big and small screens. I know it sounds a little arrogant but I would be a lousy writer if I didn't believe in my work. I just need the opportuniy to grab the career brass ring and take the next step.

One chance is all I need, and anyone else for that matter, to get their dream career. You also have to be patient too because success never came overnight for anyone. Everyone needs to earn their place in the sun without any shortcuts, because the victory won't be as sweet. Never back down from your career and one day it'll be yours. Now, I just have to apply that to my life and see where that goes. Should be interesting.


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It is a very helpful piece of advice for a job seeker and important for a good job.