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Cleaning Company Hesitancies

Updated on May 30, 2017
company cleaning
company cleaning

Cleaning companies have been around for ages, but they have only recently become big businesses. Even though they have become standard practice, many people still have questions before they are willing to hire one for their own home.

Popular questions are often: How do I know I can trust them? If I am not there to supervise will they slack off? Can I leave my pets at home while they are cleaning? How many hours should I expect them to clean for? What is the going rate for a home cleaning service? How often do they need to come? What differentiates different companies?

All of these questions are legitimate and it is understandable to be a bit uneasy when it comes to trusting another person with your home. But you really can be rest assured that a cleaning company is nothing but good news for you and your overworked self. While there is no standard pricing plan between all companies, usually their price points are based off of the square footage of rooms in your house. Logically, the bigger your house is, the more money you will end up having to pay because you are getting more service done.

Another big issue, besides price is obviously being comfortable with strangers in your house while you are not there. Again this is something that you need not worry about. A professional cleaning company will do a thorough background check on all of their employees. They do rigorous screenings and background checks. Every person that comes into your home is therefore accountable, and the company understands it will be held responsible if anything should go missing or become damaged.

Most cleaning companies will come in small teams and you should expect that in order to do a thorough cleaning, it will usually take them a few hours. While this may seem long, in order for them to do a good job, this amount of time should be allotted. A good house cleaning service will clean, scrub and sanitize all of your sinks, showers, baths and even your grimy toilets. They will also get all of those hard to reach places. With this type of service your house is truly deep cleansed.

Some people gripe that they are paying money for something they could do themselves. However, there are two fallacies with this thought process. The first is that while you may be able to clean your house, rarely do people find they have a couple of hours every week to dedicate to simply cleaning; organizing and straightening up are different entities completely. And, a cleaning team means a few people. If you decide to take on cleaning completely on your own, you can be sure that it will take you much longer.

The second fallacy is that you can do the same job. This is just not true; or if anything rarely true. A cleaning company trains and educates all of its employees on top of the line cleaning products, as well as top of the line cleaning methods. In no way is cleaning your home the type of job you can do yourself; the satisfaction you get will be worth the money.


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