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Clickthru is Dead

Updated on May 27, 2009

ClickThru Suspicions

Ok! So maybe it seems like all I care to write about are scams or my experiences with fraudulent websites...

Today's topic is

Search for a traffic exchange on google & this will probably be on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS)
ClickThru Traffic Exchange - the Original and best.
The first and best traffic exchange network. Increase hits to your web site for free. Real, unlimited, targeted web site visitors.

Clickthru is NOT a scam but it's clearly a dead site.
It also had a lot of cheaters while it was active including the anonymous "ClickThru Tech"

Who is this "Clickthru Tech" you ask?

After using this site for a number of years, I have come to the unproven conclusion that he is the lone Moderator of the site, possibly the administrator & maybe even the owner himself. A very shady character indeed!

Why is it a cheating site?

Imagine creating offers & placing your referral link as the place to sign up & getting loads of claims from users swearing they completed your offers honestly & wholeheartedly but not one of them ended up as your referral.
Instead they all ended up in the downline of one mysterious individual.
Strange huh?
Sounds quite suspicious too, doesn't it?
Maybe, I mistakenly typed in the wrong affiliate url without ever realizing the error...


Allow me to explain how it works:

Firstly, you must register a website or blog that you would like to promote.
How do I do this? By simply copying & pasting my entire affiliate url from my affiliate website to my clickthru account.
Once Clickthru approves the page, I then double check the link to ensure that it is my link.

Secondly, in order to create an offer in their "Offers" section you must select one of your registered pages.
That would be the above mentioned page.
After creating the offer, the landing page would have been double checked by me to certify that it was indeed my affiliate page.

That's how I knew something "fishy" was going on here...
I was promoting 4 programs through clickthru but only 1 of them was extremely popular with over 1 million members.
This is the program I was not receiving the claimed signups for & I have no doubt that "Techy" had an account to promote too!

Just to prove my point, I deleted my offer & then recreated it, being even more careful than before to ensure that it was my link being posted.
So how is it that when I viewed the new offer's page two days later, it suddenly had a referral link that didn't belong to me?
As a matter of fact it turned out to be the same mysterious link again!!!

What could be the cause of this? Was it the late night, link changing Boogeyman?
Since I am the only user of my personal computer & there doesn't seem to be any signs of my clickthru account being compromised by other users of clickthru, there seems to be only one culprit behind this hack...The ClickThru Tech himself.

Obviously, somebody with some sort of administrative control was behind the changes. To avoid any further theft of my "would be" referrals & the damage to my clickthru reputation which was going downhill by the hour, I proved my suspicions by registering a new weblog page into my account & incorporating a new offer, where everyone has to sign up through the link in my blog.

So did that solve the problem?
It sure did...
Now "Techy" would have to try to hack into my Blogger account to compromise my link!
Good luck with that, you fat bastard.

Why is this a dead site?

This site has had no real activity or support on it for over a year!

Soon after I resolved my issue 2 years ago, the Clickthru Tech announced that the site was undergoing a 6 month long, major structure enhancement. This upgrade would have many new features that would make the site superior to its competitors in the traffic exchange world.

Guess what?... That NEVER happened!

The site soon became a "Ghost Town" with long standing members quickly abandoning the site until the upgrade is complete. Unfortunately for the upgrade never happened & the site never recovered.
Nuff Said!

Please stay tuned for another hot Scam Topic in about 9 months(LOL)

Below I have left you with a link to a video to enjoy!


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