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Cloud Computing Diagram

Updated on October 20, 2010

Cloud computing should be a part of every business trying to save money but many do not even know what the words mean. Those who have heard of it and searched for its meaning may still be confused because of the technical terms often used to describe the technology. It is rather simple if you think of it in terms of a cloud computing diagram. The diagram would have a cloud in the middle, which represents information and software that you the end user or business owner can access from anywhere. Coming from the other end of the cloud would be the hosts data center.

If you are still confused and cannot quite picture the cloud computing diagram described above, we will describe what it actually means and why it can save you money as a business owner. Exactly what the cloud computing diagram means to you is that if you choose to employ this particular technology in your business you will do away with an expensive IT department and you will no longer be required to purchase expense software and updates because everything you need is within the cloud.

An example of something that might be found within a cloud computing diagram is the most popular social networking site. You can log onto the site anywhere there is internet access and you all your information is there without you having to have any downloaded software on your internet capable device, be it a phone or computer. Keeping that same cloud computing diagram concept in mind think how much money you would save if your Microsoft Office Suite programs and other costly software were in the cloud and all you had to do was log on from any computer and use the programs.

So basically what the cloud computing diagram concept boils down to is that business owners no longer need to purchase expensive computers with massive amounts of storage space in order to accommodate vital software. The least expensive computers will do just fine because you do not have to actually store anything on them. You simply use what you need from in the cloud and only pay for your usage. It could not be any simpler.


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