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Coca-Cola Trademarks That Changed A Country

Updated on October 17, 2014

As the years progressed, The Coca-Cola Company utilized trademarks as a part of promoting the Coca-Cola brand, as well as the times. Slogans give a guided approach to conveying the Coca-Cola message.

The 1906 motto, "The Great National Temperance Beverage," reflects the Progressive Era when the general public in the United States was veering far from alcohol, and Coca-Cola gave a pleasant option.

Different motto's have promoted daily sales, for example, in 1917, "Three Million a Day" or "Six Million a Day" from 1925. Regarding beverages per day, that has a limitless contrast from the one billion a day check mark The Coca-Cola Company passed in 1997.

A few trademarks for Coca-Cola have focused on the nature of the item, as in 1948's "Where There's Coke There's Hospitality."

In 1985, New Coke was introduced. The reintroduction of Coca-Cola Classic and the first recipe prompted various advertising phrases. 1985 offered "America's Real Choice," while, by 1986, two slogans were utilized to separate the brands. Coca-Cola Classic promoted "Red, White & You" and computer-generated Max Headroom advertised "Catch the Wave" for New Coke.

A few promotions themselves ascent to the level of unforgettable memories. The 1971 "Hilltop" advertisement suggested a song with the words "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke." The promotion was part of the "Its the Real Thing" advertising campaign. The commercial and melody are still well known today; the verses are a notch in the timeline of life to millions of people.

In January 2003, most recent memorable phrase for Coca-Cola was presented - "Coca-Cola... Real." The ad reflects real, legitimate minutes in life and a regular part that Coca-Cola plays.In 2005, the slogan was updated to "Make It Real."

2006 advertising slogan, “The Coke Side of Life” is about making people happy. The message is drinking a Coke helps you to “live on the positive side of life.”

"Open Happiness" is a global promotion of the Coca-Cola brand launched in January of 2009. The popular reality show, American Idol drove home brand awareness during the 2009 season. "Open Happiness" was apart of the success of NBC's Super Bowl XLIII and ABC's show of the 81st Academy Awards.

As The Coca-Cola Company reaches out to a global marketplace, today success comes from remaining faithful to the companies rich heritage. Those roots are grounded deeply in the celebration life.


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