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College vs. job hunting

Updated on July 15, 2011

Is college Worth The cost

College is a great thing, for some people. When looking at college vs. job hunting, there is a lot to consider. First you have to consider your own personality, are you college material? I'm not being harsh but there are some out there that would just end up wasting money and would not come out of college in any better condition career wise. These people are what I call jumpers because they are quick to jump into something without considering it and they have to figure things out as they go.These people would be better in the job market because they are on their toes and constantly focusing on many projects, which is great for an employee in a fast passed career or a business owner.It's not however someone you want in college at least at this point in their life, once they calm down, they would do great going to school at a later age. Please note: I'm not saying if you are this type of person and you get a scholarship or other way of paying for college you should not accept it. I believe if its free take it... But if you are one of these people you will do well if you take initiative and get in with a study or tutoring group to help keep your focus. If you are unwilling to do this find a job.

Those who are calm about education;The clingers, (because they will hold on to an idea or puzzle until they understand it), deciding what degree to try for is difficult. Some people will tell you to look at where the largest job opportunities are: currently- Finance, Information Technology,Accounting,Marketing, and Health Care Administration. This is a great idea if you are going for a short certificate or an associate degree because there is a good chance that these careers will be strong for a few years,but if you are wanting a bachelor degree its better to look further ahead because these career maybe overrun within the next few years and you will end up with a degree but very little job opportunities.This is why being a well rounded college student is important, you don't take core class just to spend money with the college it gives you a wider range of education so you can have more opportunities once you graduate.

Picking a degree program-most people may disagree with me here but here it goes- when joining a university or college i suggest to be undecided at least for the first year. During this time take a variety of course that are in the core material of that school and involve yourself in clubs,programs, short courses,seminars and more to checkout what that college offers to get a ground in your core courses and view as many options as possible to help you decide you degree plan. This is a laid back way of deciding what you want to do with your life, but your mind should be made up by the end of your sophomore year.All in all it my belief that a person should stick with their interest when choosing a degree because if you choose omething you have little interest in you will concentrate more on your interest than on your degree and therefore  you will waste time and money. 

Now for Job hunting, in this economy jobs are scarce and therefor very difficult to pick and choose; however someone the best advice I ever herd was "If you want something and can't find it- Make It". If you can't find a job start a business, if you don't think you have a business mind you can get help from Small Business Administration and other organizations that will help educate you in the world of business and some of the best information you can get is from other business men and women.There are lots of possibilities in the area of small business, another great outlet of free education in business is volunteering with an organization that is in a similar area as what you would like to get in to,but don't leave out other areas that you could adapt to your industry.

If being a business owner seems to much for you or just not in your interest remember when job hunting to be yourself, one thing a employer hates is to hire someone and then find out they misrepresented themselves. Dress appropriately even when picking up and application and be persistent. Don't nag but in most cases an employer doesn't know you and therefor has to rely on the interview and we all have bad interviews. Letting a potential employer know you are willing to go out of your way to introduce yourself and call to check if there is any more information they may need to help in there decision of hiring your, will show them that you are willing to work and are willing and able to compete for the position.


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