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Common Sense Says

Updated on November 14, 2015

Common Sense

It seems to me that common sense is disappearing in our society.

We need to revive this sense and start using this valuable asset.

What is Common Sense?

Common sense It is sound and prudent judgment that we perceive, understand and judge things based on the simple perception of a situation based on facts given or known.

It is an instinct that every person has, but this does not mean this instinct is used.



Aristotle was the first person known to have discussed ‘common sense’. He was describing the ability that animals (humans also) process sense perceptions, memories and imagination in order to reach basic judgments.

He said: "Only humans have the real reasoned thinking which takes us beyond our ‘common sense’".

Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine who wrote an influential essay “Common Sense” was a firebrand man.

His pamphlet was written and was for sale in Philadelphia on January 10, 1776.

This first printing sold out in two weeks of over 150,000 copies, it was sold throughout America and Europe.

George Washington read it to his troops.

It was a fevered no-holds-barred cry for Americans and for independence as in ‘take it now or else’.

The message was that it was ‘common sense’ for America to be independent of Great Britain.

In the Beginning

We all started with ‘common sense’ trait in the beginning meaning - when we are born.

Common sense is not the same as knowledge which is based on learning and education.

The term ‘common’ means that this is something each person has
and ‘sense’ means instinct based on each person’s perception or sense of understanding.

Different Shades of Meaning

Keep in mind that there are different shades of meaning, implying education and wisdom we each have.

Common sense is at times seen as equivalent to ‘good sense’ and sometimes not.

It can be equated in a negative or positive way.

Common sense does not equate with intelligence, education or learning, it’s completely an inborn perception we have.

Because we all ‘should’ have common sense it does not mean that it’s ‘used well’ or used as a ‘positive’ act or idea.
In my opinion - the average person no longer uses this basic instinct in an influential way or put to a positive result.

You Can't Learn This

Common sense is not something that a person learns, but rather an instinct that each person has when they are born. If this trait is not encouraged or used, it is like anything else, you will lose it - if you do not use it.

If you keep things neat and tidy you will be able to find them easier.

If you eat just donuts or other sweets, you will not have room for nutritional food.

Do You Loose Your "Common Sense"?

If you let others make your decisions:

"You aren't using your 'common sense’?

Media, TV, Newspaper, Politicians and Movie Stars

Maybe, people are letting other people or the media decide for them. Perhaps it is going the same way as common courtesy and respect where parents aren’t teaching these basic concepts to their kids.

Perhaps parents are thinking that in some way their children will absorb these courtesy's naturally? Are courtesy and respect no longer a desired trait, or a cultivated one?
These are a separate subjects, but, I think also related.

I am seeing more and more people letting the media (newspapers, TV and even movies or politicans) decide important issues rather than do the research themselves to see if what is being reported is actually true.

More often than not, news is not being reported truthfully and the media 'reports' what they ‘want you to believe’ or they report ‘half truths’ and let you draw a bad conclusion.

Why do they do this? Because, they have decided the public (meaning you and me) are not very smart, so they (media, newspapers, TV, movies and politicians and movie stars) have to tell you what to think, what to believe in, how to vote, what to eat, how much you should weigh, how often you go to the doctor, how to spend your money and on what you spend your money on.

Which leads us back to ‘common sense’.

Do Research

If you do not do further research how will you decide what you are being told is true and if you make your decision based on what is reported, do you care if your decision is on incomplete information or on the lies and half-truths you are told?

Why am I stressing this? Because ‘common sense’ should be telling you ‘something is not right’ and you need to do research.

Your basic instinct should distrust the media; common sense should kick in and say: “Something is wrong – check further.”

Common Sense Says:

Here are examples of what Common Sense says:

  • your camera will not work with dead batteries.
  • stop crossing the railroad track when you hear a train whistle.
  • people who get handouts for doing nothing – will decide that they should get more.
  • if you are cold, put more clothes on.
  • you’re gonna get wet if you don’t come in out of the rain.
  • if you don’t work, no one owes you anything.
  • even if you do work, no one owes you anything.
  • if you pay someone for being idle – they will decide that it’s their right to be paid.

  • If you save for your retirement, government will call it an entitlement.

  • if you express your opinion, it doesn’t make you a racist or a bigot.
  • If you have worked and earned a good living, it doesn’t mean you should feel guilty because your neighbor lays around complaining he hasn’t got what you have.

  • the politician who spends your money, has no right to tell you you must sacrifice for the have not's.
  • no matter how much you scream at the quarterback on television, you will not be heard.
  • telemarketers do not know what “No” is.
  • talking on your cell phone while driving is not a smart thing to do.
  • texting on your cell phone will cause an accident – eventually.
  • no matter how many .25 cent coins you put in a “Fortune Telling Machine” it will not tell your fortune.
  • if guns are treated as dangerous weapons, why aren’t knives?
  • guns don't pull the trigger - only people do.

  • if people get unemployment for 9 months, then it gets extended, they will want more.
  • just because you have knowledge, doesn’t mean you have common sense.
  • if you give someone a hug, you get more than you gave.
  • if your cup is full, stop pouring.
  • do not brag about how good your pie is, people will know when they eat it.

  • if you hit your crazy bone, it is going to hurt.
  • you can’t outrun a cop.
  • cheating does not pay.

  • bribing someone, will come back to bite you.
  • if it itches, be careful how you scratch.
  • burned food - tastes like burned food.
  • just because it costs more, does not mean it’s the best.
  • a circle has no corners.
  • if you give someone a compliment, you have accomplished something worthwhile.

  • yelling at the TV, raises your blood pressure.
  • if you don’t pay your light bill, the light company will disconnect you.

  • If you don’t pay your water bill, the water company will disconnect you.

  • politicians are more dangerous than guns.
  • if you plant a tree, a tree will grow.
  • weeding your garden, means less weeds to pull.
  • if you don’t water your lawn, you won’t have to mow.
  • no matter how much you yell at the politician on TV, he isn’t going to hear you.
  • if you watch a reality show that’s what you get – reality junk.
  • if you don’t dust, you get dust.
  • if you don’t tell someone you love them, they won’t know.

  • being positive makes you feel better.
  • we are all going to die when our time is up.
  • climate change happens as a natural event not ‘because humans caused it’.

All these are examples of common sense, have you used your common sense in the past week?


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