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How To Start a Successful Business

Updated on December 5, 2009

Factors to Consider


Being focused is the key to success, when you have chosen a particular business; you need to narrow in what types of products you will specialize in. Without focus your business is bound to failure from the word go.

Adequate Research

Most people begin operating small business without doing a market research on whether there products are viable or not. Market research will help know what people want, purchase power of the customers, helps you Identify profitable business location. Do your research well

Business plan

You must have a business plan before starting your career in business; a business plan will develop business strategies to move your business forward. In the plan you will have done research and know exactly what you want to do

Working Capital

Business requires capital and without adequate capital you will not go far. Initial set up are quite costly. If you cannot raise enough capital on your own then consider borrowing money from family members, banks or any other sources

Good Communication Habits

If you do not connect well with both customers and vendors, your business is going to loose sources of materials or goods to sell. Vendors can offer you goods on credit only if you rapport with them is good

Good Marketing Plan

If you market your products to the wrong people, then you will never make any sales because no one needs your products in the first place

Know your limitations and acknowledgement them, ignoring them will harm at a later stage

Trained Staff

If you have only staffs that not communicate your product well, then your products and services will not move, consider getting right staffs to get you started on the right track.These and many others are some of the reasons why small business fails. Take your time when you are venturing into business, study your market, have a plan for your business


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