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Public Speaking and Communications - Great Examples of Non-Verbal Behavior

Updated on October 20, 2012

What you say doesn't really matter - true or fiction? Communication is a skill and over 70% of the skill is non-verbal! 55% of what is remembered during a presentation is visual. 38% is the tone of the voice and only 7% is the actual words.

What you say really doesn't matter - it is what your body language is saying. First impressions are all about body language. Speaking is important but the feeling that someone has about you is about 55% of the visual and only 7% is about what you say.

As a manager, we need to exhibit in a non-verbal manner confidence and also the image of listening. What are the signals that convey this to our staff and peers and the managers who have the power to promote and hand out bonuses.

As a presenter or as a speaker, the audience will copy the leader. If you are engaged, they will be engage. Must give out strong, clear images so the audience can copy you.

Non-Verbal Communications Quote

"Recognize if at least 70% of our communication is not the words that are used- all of a sudden you could be seeing 3 times more information it can be scary- so chill out a little."

Dr. Paul Ekman couresty of

Lie to Me - Mark Bowden Body Language Expert

Body Language Global Emblems

Body Language Expert Mark Bowden from Australia

5 Top CEOs and Body Language: How Good Are You Interpreting It?

First Impressions Are All About the Body Language

We never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our body language and our clothing precede our reputation both in business and in social situations. Learn how to make a great first impression and get that promotion you deserve or the job you are interviewing for or better yet obtain a recommendation for a new job. Every encounter is a sales event - you are selling your professional reputation. Every meeting is a job interview.

Body Language in Different Situations - What Works

Work Place Situations

To appear confident in the workplace it is important to learn the subtle elements of working with your hands. How do you show confidence. Keep hands around the waist level in combination with eye contact and a steady low voice. Watch your proximity especially in interviewing for a job. Appearing overly aggressive in a job interview conveys desperation not confidence.

Social Situations

Always want to look fun and fabulous at a party. When you are warm, you open up your body more. Allow your body to be bigger in front of people in order to be more inviting. Feet are facing towards others. Arms are open.

Physical Space - Proximity

For over 400 million years old we have had a "fight and flight syndrome", it is our natural response to each personal introduction. Learning what is friendly and inviting, can help you achieve success in the workplace and beyond.

Global Emblems

Emblems are different in different cultures. Emblems are the formal non-verbal gestures that often change from one culture to the next. Universal expression are emotion based.

Gestures are a form of non-verbal communication in which visible bodily actions communicate familiar messages. Gestures include movement of the hands, face, or other parts of the body. Listen to the video to learn the six universal emotions that transcend global emblems.

What You Must Manage as a Great Communicator

  1. Body Orientation - look to turn your shoulders and legs outward or toward the person you are communicating with to show interest and appear warm and inviting.
  2. Open Versus Closed body Positions - this is critical especially during professional situations - note that individuals with open body positions are more persuasive than those with closed body positions.Look for the position of the knees, legs, elbows. Hands not touching is an open position, arms crossed is closed, hands folded is closed, etc...
  1. Trunk Lean - you can gain or give power by the forward lean. Important to note that individuals tend to engage in more sideways-leans when interacting with lower-status than with higher-status individuals.
  2. Postural Matching - · If you wish to showcase your bad attitude, adopt a noncongruent posture. If you wish to appear postiive and outgoing, mimic the other person's posture. Mimicking posture is a great way to connect or increase rapport.
  3. Gestures - both Hand and Arm Movements· Vertical and open hand gesture are positive and send a clear message of self-confidence. Placing your hand on another person is very reassuring. The hand has to be placed lightly and just at the top of the shoulder.
  4. Head Movements - Nodding is universal - listeners who engage in head nodding are sending a clear signal to the speaker to increase the duration of their speech.
  5. Global Emblems - Not all global emblems are universal. When traveling or hosting another country, actively seek out the differences and learn the correct behavior to make the visitor feel comfortable.

Put Your New Knowledge in Practice - Review 5 Top CEOs

The last video includes presentations from the world's top CEO's. Can you name all five and their global empires? Can you distinguish the different gestures? What works and what doesn't? Who is the effective communicator and believable? Who needs to work on non-verbal communication skills to match their message?

3 Take A Ways for Body Language

1.) First Impressions are All About Body Language and Clothing

2.) Allow Your Body to Be Bigger to Attract Others

3.) Carefully Manage Your Hand Movements

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