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Corporations That Lack Professional Courtesy Towards Potential Candidates

Updated on May 30, 2011

As the economy starts a slow, but gradual grind towards an upward trend. Today's corporations are slowly beginning to hire employees. Yet, as a business owner, I have noticed how certain corporations throughout the United States, treat their potential candidates, who are actively seeking employment, within the corporate ranks.

There are a large majority of corporations, that lack, the common professional courtesy that should be shown to a potential employee. Some personnel in these corporations, could care less, if a person who is seeking employment, secures a position with their corporation.

I have heard of the awful and unprofessional treatment that job seekers encounter, while they painfully seek employment. There are corporations, that will take a potential candidate through interview after interview, and dangle the carrot in front of the potential employee, as an indication that the hiring personnel of that corporation will extend a job opportunity or offer to the potential employee.

Yet, the people in these corporations, will string the candidate along, week, after week, and have the candidate waiting, and waiting, without having the common shred of decency to notify the candidate, whether HR or the hiring management staff will extend an offer to the potential applicant, who has applied and interviewed for the position.

From my perspective, it is very unprofessional and dis-respective, not to notify the candidate, that took the time to endure interview after interview, only to find that he or she is not going to be extended a job offer or hired for the position, that he or she applied for within that corporation.

What does that say about the integrity of the corporation? It indicates to me, that the corporation is not professional, and the people in that corporation, lack the initiative and the professional tact required to treat that candidate with respect, and if that is an indication of how these people treat their potential candidates. I personally, could not envision, why anybody would want to work for such a unprofessional corporation, pertaining to the pre interview or post interview treatment that he or she endures, while seeking employment with those corporations.

I own several corporations, and I would never dis-respect my staff or potential candidates. A corporation who is evaluating a potential candidate for a position, should do everything in their power, to ensure that they are effectively communicating with the candidate, when it comes down to whether that potential candidate has a realistic chance or opportunity of being hired by HR and the Management staff of that corporation.

I want the potential applicant, to realize that the people in HR, as well as hiring management, should always treat you with respect, and the applicant should treat them likewise as well.

We can sit here and debate, why HR and hiring management in these corporations mis treat their potential applicants, and the only reason, why I think they do it, is because the people in those corporations can do it, and those people lack the ability to extend common courtesy and respect to the potential employees.

However, it really depends on whether or not the potential applicant, would like to take whatever proper action is required to ensure that he or she is treated fairly.during the pre and post interview stage.

I personally believe that a lot of job seekers, believe that personnel in those corporations, can treat them any kind of way, without any regards to the applicant applying for the position. It is not fair to mistreat any applicants, who have spent their time, money, and energy to endure or be subjected to unprofessional treatment, while seeking employment.

A lot of these corporations, do not notify the potential applicants, of their status with the corporation, for which he or she is seeking employment.Some HR and Management personnel, will barely take the initiative to send the potential candidate an email, or even a phone call to notify him or her, that the applicant, was not chosen for a position in the corporation.

The applicant owes it to him or herself, that they hold the hiring personnel accountable for their actions.If the applicant has not heard anything from the employer, pertaining to a decision, concerning the position that he or she is applying for in the workplace.

Then, that applicant should take the initiative and inquire about their status. Especially when you have people, who work in those corporations, who do not believe that they owe the applicant or job seeker, any sort of response, pertaining to the position, that the applicant applied for within their corporation.

An applicant should always followup, pertinent to the position that her or she applied for in the workplace.

When an applicant is seeking employment, remember:

* The applicant should be treated with respect

* The applicant can inquire about his or her status pertinent to the position that he or she applied for in the workplace

* IF you feel like you have been mis treated, speak up, but do it in a professional manner, do not use profanity, and remove the emotion, when discussing it with a perspective employer

* Remember that the door swings both ways, an applicant should treat that prospective hiring staff with respect too

From my perspective, I think that there are some HR staffs in corporations today, who are overwhelmed, stressed out and over worked, and they cannot handle the increasing demand thrust upon them to fill vacant or newly acquired positions in their corporation or workplace. I'm not giving HR personnel or staff an excuse, that is normally what I see or hear from HR staff.

From my perspective, working in Human Resources, is the nature of the job, or nature of the beast. In other words, it is what it is, and If HR personnel do not enjoy doing their job in HR, then, there is always somebody standing in the wing, to replace them.

I know that HR personnel, will whine about the applicants not following proper protocol, pertinent to applicants going through their HR process. Granted, there are two sides to every issue, but HR staff should not mistreat applicants, and applicants should not mistreat HR staffers.

I should also mention how terrible hiring management treats potential applicants, and this just shows that they are part of the problem, and not the solution that exists in the corporate world today as well.

Remember, that the applicant or potential employee is seeking a position, and his or her time is very valuable. So, when you are mistreating a potential candidate by wasting his or her time, by not seriously considering that person for a position.You are essentially, preventing that applicant from finding a decent job.

The applicant should always know his or her professional rights, while seeking and securing a position with a prospective employer.

When an applicant is being mistreated. Sometimes, it is a blessing in disguise. Because, an applicant is better off seeking employment elsewhere, than to have to endure the hardship now or in the future that he or she will be subjected to, in a corporation, that does not have respect for the individual.


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