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What is an Accounts Receivable Aging Report?

Updated on June 16, 2013

Accounts Receivable Aging Reports will give the company information on what is owed to them from customers. This reports a detailed list of how much is owed, by whom and for how long. If a customer is behind in payments, it will give the dollar amount and how many payment periods it is past due. This report will also show how much is owed at the 30-60 and 90 day mark to make it easier to report monies owed to credit reporting bureaus.Like other forms in Quick Books, an audit trail is easy to find with the Zoom option that will give details of the invoice on the owed purchases.

Depending on the businesses decision, several forms may be needed. To a prospective investors, profit and loss statements, inventory evaluations and balance summaries would be needed. The investor wants to know how much money is being made, growth, as well as current assets on hand. For individuals, a Customer’s Balance Sheet would tell how fiscally responsible the individual is. If the company is unsure of how much liquid cash is needed to get through a period, the Vendor Balance Summary would help them see how much is already owed and by those numbers, future amounts.


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