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Content Marketing: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business

Updated on October 30, 2015

As technology continues to evolve, the different means by which businesses are able to send their message across to their target market evolves with it. Today, there are a number of ways for businesses to tap into resources they have never had access to before and reach consumers that they would traditionally have a hard time connecting with. One such factor that influences this continuous progress in the way businesses expand their reach, get potential customers interested and retain existing clients is the power of content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is creating and spreading web content that would prove to be valuable, significant and constant, serving as a call-to-action to a target market to start or continue patronizing your products and services. It serves as a means to attract new customers by introducing something in a way that is very relatable that they immediately want to find out more about the product being offered. It is also a way to retain existing clients, showing them that their product choice still remains to be the best decision they have made. As proof of how effective this is, try visiting the websites of a lot of the biggest organizations around the world and see how easy it is to get hooked to each word you read. By going through each of these websites’ content, you immediately know just how valuable the brand is and would sometimes give you the sudden urge to make that brand a part of your lifestyle. With the different approaches used, there will always be something that you feel you are able to relate to on a personal level. This is what defines effective content marketing. It influences buying behavior in so many ways that a lot of businesses have blossomed from the use of effective content marketing alone.

How Does It Help Your Marketing Efforts?

Content marketing is the glue that keeps your entire marketing campaign together. Considering the amount of time that your target market spends in front of their computers and gadgets, there is always a bigger chance of sending your message across through web content as compared to other forms of marketing. How does content marketing figure into the rest of your marketing efforts?

  • Social Media Marketing. Good content will always come first before getting good social media following. Nothing would be post-worthy on your social media channels if there is nothing interesting about your content.

  • Public Relations. Content is the best way for you to address any issues that your target market may have. It is a means for you to directly answer questions that you feel would be most relevant for them, and serves as a channel for you to create that personal connection.

  • Generating Inbound Traffic. Nothing else could convince potential traffic to come in than your content. In fact, a few words alone could get any potential customer to get hooked and stay on your website a few minutes more, just to find out what you can do for them.

  • Search Engine Optimization. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines weave through all the content in the entire world wide web and show results based on the relevant content that they find. Not being able to strategize your content effectively would mean getting covered by an avalanche of other brands who decided to invest more on their content more than anything else.

What Should your Content Aim For?

In strategizing your content, you should first know what your content should be aiming for. Follow a timeline that would not only go after a one-time sale, but long-term loyalty. These seven stages should be part of your goals as you strategize for content.

  • Brand Awareness. Through your content, share what your brand is all about. Show what you stand for and what your ideals are, and show your target audience how the brand could benefit them.

  • Lead and Conversion. Once you have established your brand’s personality, step right into converting leads into a steady following. Offer everything that you know would draw those who wander in even deeper into your website.

  • Customer Conversion. Once those leads are drawn in, make them feel the need to switch from the brand they are currently using to the one you are promoting.

  • Customer Service. You have taken every step to catch your customers’ attention, make sure that you are able to give them the support that they need. Answer their questions effectively and try your hardest to provide all their needs.

  • Retention and Loyalty. Once you have established a strong customer support system, make sure you are consistent about it. Remember that you are trying to go after long-term commitment here, and not just a one-time deal.

  • Upsell. Once loyalty is established, it is always easier to convince your existing customers to try out all the other services that you have to offer.

  • Passionate Subscribers. Once you have reached the point where your customers believe in every product and service that you have with a degree of personal conviction, this is when you can say that your content marketing has indeed been very successful.

How Do You Make the Content Effective?

As they always say, content is king. Here are a few tips that could help you out in making a content that is effective:

  • Information over Selling. People are automatically turned off once they see sales pitch after sales pitch being thrown at them. To effectively draw your customer in, give them something informative, something that they would be interested to learn about. As long as you keep your information reliable and up to date, selling the brand will be an automatic action after they have absorbed what you have to say.

  • Answer Questions. Always find out what consumers are asking and what their problems are. Posting content that addresses existing issues is always the key to keep them interested. Help people solve problems they have been worrying about for some time through your content.

  • Use Social Media. Social media will always be the best means for you to promote your content. The moment you have new content to share, share it through social media. Its reach is unbelievable, and the rate at which you can reach a global scale is phenomenal.

  • Create Visuals. Use graphics, videos, or anything else that could play with your audience’s imagination. Let them feast their eyes on the message that you want to send across by making things more interesting and colorful.

Final Word on Content Marketing

Content marketing truly has opened up a lot of new opportunities for businesses everywhere. Considering the wide reach that it can give you, it could help you surpass goals that you have set for yourself faster and more efficiently. It allows you to create that personal connection that you would usually have a hard time establishing using traditional marketing. It takes less time, less effort, and less costs. It’s all about knowing what your customers want and need, and translating those into words. Put yourself into your customer’s shoes and think about what you would like to hear or read as a consumer. This is often the key to finding out what tickles your market’s fancy. Make each statement relatable, and make each person who reads your content feel that every word you say is addressed directly to them. Once you have learned how to establish that connection, you can draw in any market you have set your heart on.

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  • kgmonline profile image

    Geri MIleff 4 years ago from Czech Republic

    You're welcome! As the saying goes, "Content is KING!" So providing free valuable information to your clients (delivering and planning it the right way) can indeed help you achieve your business goals. Thank you for reading and for letting us know that you liked the Hub.

  • profile image

    Jane 4 years ago

    Hm... I think I underestimated content marketing in my business, and I thought only a good writer is enough. Thanks for sharing ;)