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Conversion Rate Optimisation For Successful Online Marketing

Updated on October 19, 2016

Every day we hear about yet another online marketing company claiming “ We have increased traffic to our customer’s website by 300%”. Now this is no difference to your sales team claiming they have sent out thousands of emails or cold calling hundreds of leads per day. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking traffic is not important; relevant targeted traffic to a website is very important. Your sales manager would agree it’s absolutely important to do prospecting and talk to leads. However if you are a business owner then you already know, what’s more important is the rate that leads convert to customers as this is directly associated with your revenue and the bottom line.Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of improving your ratio of your traffic achieving set goals.


In CRO, these goals refer to making contact, filling inquiry form, signing up to newsletters or even making a purchase. All these goals are a touch point with your potential customers and a step closer to making a purchase. Above activities are directly associated with the revenue generation and your profits. If you look closely at your marketing spend, you would realize what’s costing you most the money is bringing traffic to your website.

Why would you want to give your money to an online marketing company just for bringing traffic to your website which potentially doesn’t convert? Would it be better to bring lesser, but relevant traffic and convert them? After all, business is all about profit. As a business owner it makes sense to reduce costs, increase profits and gaining more of less. If you have a sales team, who would be your best salesman; the one who prospects all day and doesn’t bring enough revenue or the one who converts most of his prospects to sales? Without addressing Conversion Rate Optimisation and focusing on bringing more traffic to your site is a sure way to waste your money.

In summary traffic to your website is important, yet what’s more important is traffic to your website converting. By putting your focus on conversion rate optimization, your business can reduce costs and increase profits. A good online marketing company will always advise you to get the CRO right before bringing more traffic to your site. Why? Once a potential customer comes to your site and leave without converting, the chances of them coming back is lesser. They have already made a perception about your website and the products and services your provide.

Business is all about the Customer. In this day and age customers are demanding for savings, convenience, service and experience. With broadband being readily available customers are searching the internet looking for products and services. Internet provides a platform for customers to research, compare and gain feedback from others about products and services; which gives them the control.


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