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Cool Business Tools for Information Age Businesses

Updated on December 26, 2012

What You Need to Increase Customer Loyalty

All businesses need good products and a good way to market those products to the customers that will hopefully become loyal and therefore, repeat customers.

Not only do you need good products, you need good products that will sell in ever increasing amounts. This is called the "upsell". For example, say you start with an ebook for under $10 then you increase this later to a paperback book for $19.99 that is mailed to your customer. Follow this up with a CD, which is then followed by a series of CDs reading your book or explaining your method to your customer, such as a drive time activity during a commute. Then you can create a DVD and finally, a program where your customers can come meet you, such as a 4 hour seminar. Then you sell them the 2 day business seminar. When they are there, you can then sell them your 5 day camp that will take them to the next level.

You see how this works? They buy from you because they like you, you create a relationship, then they want more from your relationship. Much like a real relationship where you start off flirting, then dating, then exclusive dating, then kissing which leads to sex and hopefully to marriage. Eventually the upsell in your relationship that began as flirting becomes children and a nice house to call home. =)

Likewise, we hope that your business card and first book leads all the way to a 7 figure income and financial security for yourself and your family.

Where will YOUR Business Lead?

Lake Tahoe in January 2012. :)  Once you have a good business working for you, you get to take vacations to pretty spots such as this!
Lake Tahoe in January 2012. :) Once you have a good business working for you, you get to take vacations to pretty spots such as this! | Source

The Basic Tools for an Informational Business...

You need a Business card so I recommend Vista Print where you can get a simple business card to get started. You can get 250 business cards for free but you have to pay for shipping. If you can't manage to give out 250 cards in 6 months at the MOST, there is something wrong with your methods. They are meant to be passed out. You should be giving your card away at all meetings, chance meetings, even at Wal-mart or the grocery store. You never know where you will find potential joint venture partners or customers! I always leave my card with my tip in restaurants.

You will need a product. If your product is informational, you will need a book, or an e-book or kindle (TM) edition. The best place for this is You can self-publish for peanuts and it is print on demand, so you are not using up precious resources.

You may also need a way to publish CD's or DVD's. The absolute best way to go about this is, I kid you not, This is the most amazing efficient machine I have ever seen. They do print on demand CD's and DVD's with a turn around time of 24 hours. Your cost is around $1.00 per unit. Really! They also have an order fulfillment page where your customers go and will process everything on your behalf. You will receive a check in the mail once a month!

Both CreateSpace and Kunaki will save you time and money. You will not have to deal with customers, hire anyone at all to fulfill orders, it is all on automatic pilot! Also, you will not have to have a big warehouse space full of your books or CD's in the hopes that your stuff sells! No overhead at all! How great is that?

These are a couple of my secrets for now to get you started in your new amazing informational business.

Good luck in your endeavours and may you always be on the winning side of life!


Mermaid Girl


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