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Copywriting That Sells Your Irresistible Offer

Updated on April 25, 2009

When you want to make that online sale you must write copy that sells – Period!

You need to make your offer so cuddly, so irresistible your reader will feel they just can’t pass it up! Any offer you make needs to be worth the readers' time. Remember this one, it’s very important. At a given moment, time is usually more valuable than anything else in the whole world (think about it, think relative)… A worthless offer is pretty useless to you and the prospect, a worthless offer simply wastes everybody’s time, don’t go there!

Let me give you an example: Imagine you have an online bookstore or similar which ships products to clients. You have a campaign to recruit new clients, clients who haven’t purchased before.

If you set an offer of free shipping with all baskets over $100 dollars, you’ve just wasted your time writing the copy and most importantly of all you’ve wasted the prospects time. If however you changed the offer to free shipping for all new clients, you have just possibly made your offer irresistible for genuine buyers.

Let’s rewind to the time factor: You have to make your offer worthwhile and worth the time it takes to complete the order and respond to your sales call.

It’s essential you spend some time thinking about the offers you can make, write a list of possible offers, and undertake some market research.

Copywriting secret which removes a buying obstacle:

Ssh…a secret tip which removes a major buying objection is to remove the risk of purchase, by this I mean transferring the risk from the buyer to you.

For instance: free 90 day trial or a strong guarantee such as no quibble full refund within a specified time frame.

Get my drift? It goes without saying of course you must honor any claims or guarantees made. If you keep your word, existing customers will help you sell, if you renegade on the deal, they can also help ruin you!

If you are new or have never attempted copywriting before, don’t fret too much as no one knows the product or service better than you, you will have a passion and feel for your own product or service which is unique and you should use this insight to your advantage. What you ought to try and do though is visualize and imagine what is going to turn your customer on, try and become the customer for a moment and think about the kind of offers that would make you buy, offers which are cuddly and irresistible.

And finally, besides the hard to resist factor you MUST build in a sense of urgency, you want readers to act now, not tomorrow or next week, but right now. Two things you can incorporate to facilitate this is to make your offer time sensitive (example: only valid today) or for a limited number of purchasers (example: Only hundred buyers)

So don’t forget the offer watchwords; cuddly and irresistible, risk transfer and urgency. Apply these principles and watch your sales graph go up and up and up.

If you are unsure of writing your own copy you can get advice or even a copywriting quote here:


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