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Corporate America's Leadership Zoo

Updated on October 21, 2009

Management Styles Found Behind Executive Suite Glass Walls

Leadership comes in many styles and fashions. This hub compares corporate leadership styles to animals in a zoo. If your manager was a zoo animal, what would he or she be? To which animal would you compare your own leadership style?

Ostrich Leadership - Avoids Hard Situations

Ostrich Leadership

Ostrich leadership is compared to the leader/manager who when tough times come simply sticks his or her head in the sand. They deliberately avoid hard circumstances by burying themselves in activities that may keep them busy but are entirely unproductive and ineffective.

Tiger Leadership - Strong and Aggressive

Tiger Leadership

Tiger leadership is a new trend of Asian refugees turned business entrepreneurs who combine the tireless Asian work ethic with brash, western entrepreneurial styles. They are hard driving and believe they are invincible due to the fact that they already survived the worst life has to offer (e.g. mass murder and starvation in their home country and prejudice perpetrated by members of their western host cultures).

Bull Leadership - Hard Charging and Insensitive

Bull Leadership

Bull leadership can be characterized by hard-driving American entrepreneurs. They are brash and insensitive and headlong to finish the job and get out. 

Snake Leadership - Watch Your Back

Snake Leadership

Okay I admit snakes are often given a bad rap, but please bear with the analogy one last time. Snake leadership can be characterized by corporate leaders who are sneeky and underhanded. They lead with their own prosperity and survival in mind. They are loyal only as long as it benefits their own ends.

Eagle Leadership - Soaring Above but Untouchable

Eagle Leadership

 Eagle leadership can be characterized by the corporate head or manager who soars above the fray and sees the bigger picture. They are majestic in their command of their circumstances and surroundings. They balance a fair mix of wisdom and strength to accomplish the task, but are often aloof and untouchable.


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