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Costa Rica Jobs Information

Updated on January 10, 2011

Find a Job in Costa Rica

This region and country in Central America is becoming more and more popular with businesses and those seeking employment. If you are looking for employment opportunities in Costa Rica, then you are not alone. This beautiful area is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Panama is to its south and Nicaragua is to the north. There are many beaches on each side of the country and the capital is San Jose, and it is located in approximately the center of the country.

The local industries include mining and light manufacturing businesses. In 1998, the Intel Corporation brought in the first large and major manufacturing operation, and has thrived and are always looking for new employees with frequent job openings. More and more businesses are relocating to this area and are constantly looking for new talent and have job opportunities available. Costa Rica jobs and employment opportunities are spread across several industries such as sugar mills, mining, Intel chip manufacturing, coffee plants, tourism industry careers, textiles, petroleum products, chemicals, plastics, foods, woodworking factories and more.

Costa Rica Jobs

Approximately half of the country's industrial and manufacturing businesses are located in and around the capital of San Jose. About 20 percent of firms are located in the Alajuela area, approximately 11 percent of businesses are located around Heredia, and approximately 10 percent are located in Cartago. By doing a little research you can find several job and career openings and employment opportunities online. You may even want to apply for the job before you visit the area. However, if you are able to visit Costa Rica and look for a job in person, it will probably make your chances of landing employment even better.

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