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Craigslist Ads-Free Internet Advertising

Updated on September 24, 2015

Posting On Craiglist

Craigslist has such an large following that the site itself is ranked by Alexa as the eighth most popular site in the US and the 51 worldwide on the web. Making craigslist without a doubt the best free advertising site available on the Internet.

Craigslist ads are very easy to build. You can write simple text ads with your contact information and post them to there site, you can also add up tp 4 images to your ads. Or you can take it to the next level with image ads.

There are a few things that Craiglist doesn't tell people that you will need to know before you start posting on craigslist. This will help your craigslist ads draw more people, and create more sales for you if your selling products, advertising your website or just selling unwanted items that you have around the house.

Building Better Craigslist Ads.

Building better craigslist ads, means that you will need to learn how to build image ads that will get you much more attention from your visitors on craigslist. They will also have a much higher click through rate bringing your visitors to you offer.

These image ads do not have to be masterpieces. I will show you simple ways to make ads that contain all of your HTML code and links within the image. This will help you avoid the Craigslist bots that search there site 24/7 looking for links and ads that do not meet there standards.

If you just write out a text ad and post it on craigslist then attach a link to it, It will not take craigslist long before it will be flagged or worse ghosted. And if you have this happens to many times craigslist will ban your account. So we are going to use images to avoid being flagged or ghosted by the craigslist bots.

Designing Image Craigslist Ads.

All of the tools that you will need to build image ads for posting on craigslist are free and easy to use.

There are a few tools such as Photobucket or Tinypic that you will use to host your images that are free to sign up for all that you need to do is go to there site and set up an account.

There are other tools that can also be used for building great image ads but we are going to stick with free ones that just about everyone using a PC already has in there windows operating system.

The first one is PowerPoint you will use this program to design and edit your image ads that you will be posting on craigslist. Or you can use any free online image editor to edit your images for your craigslist ads.

Drive Traffic With Image Craigslist Ads.

Because of the billions of hits that craigslist ads receive each month. There ads usually rank pretty high in search engines giving them great visibility on the Internet.

Do your keyword research and build an attention grabbing title for all of your craigslist ads will insure that you will receive many visitors to your postings.

Learn how to write good copy for your ads but do not ask for the sale in your offering use something like more information or learn more. You can make your new image ads clickable so that they go to your offer when your visitor clicks on them.

Make sure that your images are relevant to your offer and grab there attention. You can go to Google Images and get great images on just about any subject for free to use on your new ads.

Posting On Craigslist.

The key is to get your image ads posted on craigslist and getting them to stick. Once your craigslist ads have been posted and stick they will automatically be allowed to be renewed.

After 48 hours and your ads have moved down the listings you can disable them and repost them putting them right back on top of the craigslist postings giving them better visibility.

Make sure that you do not do this earlier than 48 hours though. It is one of the things that craigslist doesn't tell you.

Another of these things is that craigslist has gotten very strict on the amount of ads that it will allow you to post in any certain amount of time before they require phone verified accounts and begin ghosting the ads. You shouldn't post anymore than 3 ads per account in any 48 hour period.

Always clear your browser history of cookies before you try to post ads on different accounts in different places. Make sure that you use a new title for ever post that you make and rotate your image ads so that all of your craigslist ads do not look the same.

And make sure that you use separate email accounts for each craigslist account that you set up. This will help to insure that your craigslist ads will not get flagged by other users or ghosted by craigslist.


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