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How to Create a Business Press Kit

Updated on March 6, 2008

Businesses put out press kits when they are launching new products or expansions to the company. You can use a press kit to promote events and news conferences.

Creating and distributing a quality press kit to the media can really help advertise your business ventures. Press kits aren’t difficult to put together as long as you know the basics that every kit should have. Be sure to provide clear and accurate information in your kit.

A Press Kit Includes:

Cover Letter – These letters should be individually addressed (no “Dear Valued Customer”), and give the details about the event or product you are promoting. Be gracious and positive throughout the letter.

Press Release – This is geared towards members of the media. It needs to clearly communicate the event you are promoting.

Brochure – Your business should have a brochure that provides information about the company. For certain special events, you might even create a pamphlet specifically outlining that event.

Backgrounder – A short essay-story of the company’s history. This shouldn’t be too long, but definitely needs to be accurate and engaging.

Biographies – Provide bios of company owners, CEOs, managers, and other project leads. For example, if you are promoting a special event for a restaurant, you can focus on the bios of the chefs who will be preparing the menu. If you are promoting a musical festival, you can provide information about the musicians who will be presenting.

Press Kit Extras:

Business Card – A general company card will do, or you can put one for the main contact person.

Gift Certificates - As a gesture of good will or invitation, you can offer gift certificates for your company’s products or services. Not only will you be effectively advertising your business practices, but you will also provide incentive for the recipient to try your product or attend the event.

Calendar of Events – If your company is putting on a multi-day event, or has multiple release dates, you can include a calendar of events in your press kit. This will make it easier for the recipient to identify the best dates and times for him to attend.

Testimonials – A page of testimonials from satisfied clients and customers is a good way to spread some goodwill about your services.

Invitations – If you are putting on an event, you can include a formal invitation to the event. You will probably be sending them out in mass, so it is a good idea to include copies in the press kits.


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