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Creative Marketing with Your Business Card : A Humorous Collection of Ideas

Updated on June 6, 2014
Business Cards are like Mini-Billboards and can be conveniently placed in numerous places for maximum exposure.
Business Cards are like Mini-Billboards and can be conveniently placed in numerous places for maximum exposure.

Introduction and Disclaimer

The following ideas for marketing your business are done tongue in cheek...sort of. I am neither encouraging or discouraging anyone from pursuing these guerrilla marketing plans with your custom business card, but merely posing the ideas for your enjoyment and education. While this message will not self-destruct in 30 seconds, it may be edited and added to as new ideas present themselves. Happy Marketing.

Business Cards make great bookmarks, so give them to book purchasers for free with every book.
Business Cards make great bookmarks, so give them to book purchasers for free with every book.

Save My Place

Go into your local bookstore and/or library and find the section or sections of books that most closely relate to your business and the potential clients you are seeking. As you thumb through each book, place your business card somewhere in the book. You should try to place it at the beginning of one of the first three chapters in case they don’t finish the book. Now every book sold or borrowed has a free bookmark and is an passive dispenser of your custom business card. Visit every bookstore and library within the traveling distance of your business.

To make this an even more productive endeavor, print one side of your business card with the words “FREE BOOKMARK from your friends at BUSINESS NAME”. It is recommended that you replace the words “BUSINESS NAME” with the actual name of your business for optimum results. If confronted by a store employee or librarian, simply show them the FREE BOOKMARK side of the card and tell them you are giving free bookmarks to their customers. If this deflective tactic doesn't work, simply return when someone else is working and try again.

When others Dress for Success, you can be right there for the moment. Slip your card right in.
When others Dress for Success, you can be right there for the moment. Slip your card right in.

Dressed for Success

Visit your local clothing stores. Any and all clothing stores that sell adult size clothing are potential markets for this next “program”. Department stores with various demographics targeted under one roof are ideal. Specialty stores that cater to your specific client base are also prime candidates if your business caters to a specific sub-culture like skaters, musicians, medical personnel or the like. As you browse the store, place a business card into the shirt or pants pockets of those clothing styles most likely to be purchased by your potential clients. Those trying on or purchasing those pieces of clothing will find your card and be made aware of your business.

This can also be used in the shoe department by placing your card in one shoe of each pair of shoes. House wares can be a bit trickier, but it is possible. You can place your card in canisters or slide them in the boxes of coffee makers, blenders, multi-piece non-stick pan sets and various and sundry products of all shapes and sizes.

Like the Russian nesting dolls, you can place a card in a card.
Like the Russian nesting dolls, you can place a card in a card.

The Other Kind of Card

The next time you are perusing the Hallmark wall of cards for that specially worded conveyance of good luck, good will or happy holiday, you have another opportunity to reach the masses. Casually place your card in the envelopes of the multitude of greeting cards. Now you will either reach the purchaser of the card as they place their purchased card in the envelope or the recipient when they open their card at the appropriate time. Remember to target your card cards to those most likely to attract your desired clientele.

Refrain from placing cards in condolence type cards. A time of personal tragedy is not how you want your business to be remembered. Likewise, it is not recommended to place your card in a diametrically opposed card to that of your business. For example, do not put your card in a wedding card if your business specializes in divorce, a private eye who specializes in following cheating spouses or a singles club in the Wedding Card section.. Be smart in your card placement and pay attention to details.

Let Them Eat Cake

Anytime you are invited to a function and are asked to bring something, such as dessert, you have a perfect opportunity to showcase your logo and business information. Always, when given the option, offer to bring a cake. Next, go to a local bakery that offers “photo cakes” that actually print a picture right on the icing itself. Hand them one of your business cards and ask them to print that on the top of the cake. If it is an actual event, such as a birthday or anniversary, you may want to put your business info a little smaller in the corner as to not overpower the intended recipient’s moment.

To take this to the next level, offer to “sponsor” cakes at a local bakery that offers “photo cakes”. Offer to pay a sponsorship fee of $X for anyone who would allow you to put your business card info at the bottom corner of any photo cake. Think of it like NASCAR sponsorship in the dessert realm. You can make a flyer that offers varying $ amounts based on the size of your advertisement. Charge more for corporate cakes if they meet the criteria of being in your specific industry and are more likely to include potential clients. You will pay the bakery the amount of the “discount” that is offered to the cake purchaser. This promotion truly takes the cake...and let's them eat it too.

And your thoughts are...

Would you actually try one of these for your business, assuming you had one?

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