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Creative Ways to Make Fast Cash

Updated on April 22, 2022

Starting your own business can be difficult and a daunting task. There are simple and creative ways to make money from home without getting a headache in the process. Here are some wonderful home based opportunities that will earn you a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousands monthly.

Sell Body Oils

Home based selling opportunities can make you large sums of money monthly. Here are some things you can sell. Body oils is an extremely lucrative business. It can make you huge profits. You only need about sixty to hundred dollars to get started. The perfume body oil street price is around five dollars. You can purchase a hundred glass bottles on eBay for about thirty U.S dollars. You can buy the oils of your choice online or at your local wholesale perfume oil store in your country, state or area. The large perfume oils containers run from eight to twenty dollars per bottle. Three to four bottles will make you enough oils for 100 glass bottles. You can then choose to sell your oils at work, church, the streets or online. Your children can even help you out by selling at school to their teachers or classmates. All you need is ten sells a day at the $5.00 rate to make 50 dollars a day. If you do this for five days that's $250 a week and 1,000 a month in extra cash. You need about 200 bottles to make a thousand dollars a month which will cost you about sixty dollars on eBay or Amazon.

If you're not into street selling you can sign up for affiliate marketing programs like eBay and Amazon and sell directly from those companies however, you must of course check your emails for sales and daily mailing and shipping rates costs which can be a daunting task. The streets or a place you work at can be a much easier option to make decent profit. Direct selling is a better alternative than an online business.

Street selling is the best way to sell your perfume oils. Many men carry the bottles in travel bags and sell them by hand. With thousands of people walking down the street you can easily sell ten bottles in under a hour without even breaking a sweat. It is why so many people do this as a full time living.

I once knew a young woman who sold bottles on the streets daily. She made enough money to pay her mortgage and take care of her six children. She actually did this as a full time job working about four hours a day outside. She made as much as a person with a full time job except she worked half the hours. Her monthly income was about 3000 dollars.

African American/ black women are the largest buyers of street perfume oils. The oils are natural meaning it lacks harsh chemicals and it won't break you out. Plus it smells very nice. Some Hispanic, Asian, White and Arab women also wear perfume body oils. It is widely sold at beauty supplies stores across America.

You can make it your own home based business. EBay is the best place to buy wholesale perfume oils if you don't have a store in your local community. It is best to go in person to see what scents you like and may want to sell.

There are hundreds of variations of popular scents which make the picking process a little harder. You can sell both men and women scents. It depends on your taste and what you think will sell.

Popular Women Street Oils

Paris Hilton
White diamonds
Egyptian musk
Michelle Obama
Purple Haze
Made about You
White diamond

You may also sell other items online such as baked goods, clothes or handmade jewellery and art work. You can sell quilts as well online with affiliate marketing.

Take Your old Stuff to Buyers

If you have old clothes, jewelry, books and records, you can sell or pawn them off at local businesses that buy such items. This can also make you a much needed passive income of a few hundred dollars. You can put your items on online websites as well. The Google search engine will help you find buyers for your used items in your country, state or home town.

Yard Sell Your Items

Host a yard sale to get rid of old furniture and house hold items. This will eventually make you a few hundred dollars. Remember one man's junk is another man's prize.

Lend your Services

Work for Uber if you know how to drive. You can also open your home up to a hair business if you're good at braiding or doing people's hair.

If you're good at fixing things like cars or computers advertise your skills or services in your building or community.

If you're a good cleaner volunteer to clean people homes. You can make flyers at your local library about your skills for free.

If you have worked in the medical field you can lend your services to care for the elderly or disabled wounded veterans. It's great to just put yourself out there and see what happens. Whatever your expertise is let others know about it.

Start Your Own Blog or Youtube Channel

A passive way to make money is start your own blog. It is a good way to make money online but it takes a lot of hard work to be successful. You must find a audience through social media, produce good high quality content and write often. The more articles you have in the online world the better your money will be. If you're not good with online marketing, you may have to produce a lot of content meaning hundreds if not thousands of articles. This will help you reach your financial goals. A few articles may work for some but for others a lot of content may be the answer to becoming a successful blogger.

Starting a YouTube channel is also a great idea. Remember, to be successful you must be entertaining to watch. If you have a big and great personality try making your own YouTube channel. If you have a talent. YouTube is a great way to showcase your skills. It will help you become a more successful self business person.

You can monetize videos with Google Ad-sense or Ad Words just like you would with a blog. You can also promote yourself on social media as well. Your YouTube channel can be about cooking, beauty and makeup products, parenting with your children, personal storytelling time topics, perfume reviews, hair braiding, and traveling or whatever that interest you.

A another good thing to do with sites such as YouTube is to make reaction videos. It is some of the most popular content on the website. It can be a music video reaction or anything that interest you.

Work for Avon

Working for Avon allows you to become your own boss and business person. It is free to register. You just go to the website and apply or an Avon representative will come to your house and will sign you up. The best way to be successful is not door to door selling which many people believe.

Avon allows its representative to act as a CEO or boss of your own personal business on their behalf. You are granted the right to sell their merchandise anywhere accept major stores or businesses. The Avon franchise allows it representative to host Avon school fund raisers. This means your allow to approach a school and ask their principal whether they will like to participate in an Avon school fundraiser with their students selling Avon products to their community. The average Avon sell is twenty dollars which is much higher than other school fund raising companies such as Sally Foster.

This is something that you can say to a potential school. Avon takes 50% profit automatically. The other 50% is what you're allow to split with the school. You can elect to give the school 40% and take 10% for yourself. Most Avon school fundraisers raises more than 30,000 dollars. This mean Avon gets on average 15,000. The school get 10,000 and you get 5000 profit. If you get multiple schools to participate such as maybe three schools in your city or state that's 15,000 in earnings. The Avon selling cycle last two weeks. 15,000 is a great amount of money to earn in just two weeks. You can earn 30,000 a month which is a awesome income.

This automatically makes you a power earner with the company and moves your position up to a higher one.

You will be helping children to buy new books and computers for their school while also making a name for yourself as a business person. What better way to give back to your community?

In order to do this you must first sign up, immediately bypass the door to door selling and ask the local Avon headquarters in your community about their school fun raising opportunities. They will give you all the info and supplies needed to begin allowing a school to sell their products for fund raising.

You will basically be acting as a business representative going around asking schools to sign up for fundraising opportunities. You can even motivate the kids by giving the highest earner a monetary prize or the highest class earner a pizza party or amazing field trip. You can coordinate with the school about the prizes whether it will come from their earnings or yours.

You set the bar and rules. How cool is that?


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