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Current Top Most Secure Job Projections

Updated on April 14, 2017

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Careers with Projected Job Security

In this unstable economy, and all the career changes that induce, many people are faced with decisions about changing careers. Many are wisely researching which fields are projected to grow, especially before investing in more education. Conversely they are also researching, similar careers that would require minimal school to transfer over to.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the top most secure jobs for 2011 were as follows:

Physical Therapist

Due to the advancement of technology, the demand for the physical therapist occupation is increasing because it improves the survival rate of children with birth defect and trauma victims. The aging baby boomer population also needs more of the services provided by physical therapists. It is expected that this rate will increase by 30 percent till 2018.


Nursing is an interesting job and it also comes in the category of most secure jobs for the next many years. It is expected that in the coming time, there can be a huge rise in the nursing jobs, both in the LPN and RN ranks. Health care demands are expanding in nearly every scope, so projections are that there will be many openings in this field.

Surgeon and Physician

Because of tighter health care cost cutting measures and budgets, the demand for surgeons and doctors is rising at a modest rate. This rate is going to hit 22% till 2018. Job forecasting is positive for all the surgeons and physicians, but even more so in low income and rural areas.

Computer Software Engineer

The demand for computer software engineers is rising with rapid speed. There is too much competition in the field of technology and its advancement. For this, more and more computer software engineers are required, so that they can develop new software.

Accountant, Financial Advisor and Auditor

Financial laws and business growth keeps changing and this creates a hike in the job market up to 22-30 percent till 2018 for financial experts. An increasing push towards the accountability and transparency in the business management, and high stake money matters, drives much of this. This is why jobs for financial expert’s, CPA fields fall in the category of most secure jobs.

Legal and Paralegal Assistant and Lawyer

The law is getting more and more complex, and due to this reason, jobs opportunities for legal and paralegal assistants, and attorneys will not go anywhere. It is presumed that there will be a hike of 13-21% in these jobs over next decade. If industries expand, then the requirement for lawyers’ services will also rise. The job opportunities created by the legal field are in intellectual property, security and corporate litigation, fights over insurance claim denials, environmental law, antitrust law, bankruptcy and health care.

Environmental and Biomedical Engineer

There is a wide range of growth in the field of engineering, but those who are specialized in environmental and biomedical engineering are in high demand. This need is going to increase up to 31-72% in the next few years, which makes it on the most secure jobs list.


Even now there are reports of shortages in this career field, with the aging population driving most anything health related up. The Department of Labor predicts job growth for pharmacists will raise by a total of 17% by 2018, which when added on top of the current need of pharmacists, makes for a very favorable job market in this field.

Computer Systems Analyst and Administrator

The need for computer system analysts and administers will rise with the high demand of technology in general, generated by both pleasure and business uses. All areas of the field are growing, but the most projected increase (53% growth by 2018) is in network systems and data communications; these are the network architects and engineers, web administrators and developers.


As more and more people are putting higher priority on the health of their pets, and willing to invest more in medical care for them, the need for veterinarians is projected to rise. Due to a limited number of accredited veterinary schools (there are only 28 in the United States) veterinarians are predicted to have 33% more job opportunities by 2018.


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