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Customer Service... Does It Still Exist?

Updated on April 3, 2016

Hello and Thank You

Two very simple statements that can make someone feel appreciated and yet out of the 15 stores I went into today, only at two of them were either one of these statements made. I will not be naming the companies/ stores that I went into but will just be using them in a general way as an example. As someone who works with customers on a daily basis and had done so for quite sometime, this topic hits very close to home. I work very hard to make any of my customers feel appreciated and want to come back for their pleasant experience. Greeting them as soon as they step foot into my business. Not bombing them with sales pitches but just letting them know that I am there for them. Also, before they leave, letting them know that I am thankful for their business and look forward to seeing them again. Why as people has these simple rules of courtesy been lost? Focused more on the numbers then the people? Especially in todays economy, this makes no sense to me. Companies should be working even harder to please the people who require their services and make their business. Just say Hello and Thank You!

Customer is Priority

No matter what paperwork you might have to get done or what products have to be put out by a certain time... none of that matters if you have no customer who needs your business. Three of the stores that I walked into today not only saw it unnecessary to greet me, but continued to ignore me while they were working on tasks. I walked around looking at their products for over 30 minutes, before deciding to leave without purchasing anything. What good are any of those completed tasks going to be if you end up having to close your doors due to lack of business. These experiences will also prevent me from going back in the future as well as definitely not recommending them to anyone I know. But, their paperwork will be in on time... as the customer, we should be the priority! Does the company want papers in on perfect time reporting how bad sales are down? As an owner, I would think that paperwork a little later with booming sales would be much more exciting for me! Never forget who makes your business thrive. It's not the papers you file or how many shelves you stock. It's the amount of people you help and will enjoy your product or services being offered with a great experience.

Effects of Bad Customer Service

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Become a People Person

Honestly, I feel that if you are not a people person, then you shouldn't be working with people. The stores or companies that get my business are the ones that show their customers how important they are. The ones that remember to greet me and answer any questions I might have without looking inconvenienced. Have fun with the people that make your business thrive. There are plenty of businesses probably offering the same product or service as you, so you being a people person and putting your customer service first, that will give your company the edge. People will appreciate your business more and you'll profit more. It's that simple! Pull your heads up from the reports or drop that shelf your putting up and help your customer.


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