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Customer Service Jobs At Home Do They Exist?

Updated on July 25, 2011

Working at home seems like the dream job to many people, but for some of us we do not know how to find a work at home job or how to tell if they are a scam or not. However, many places are now hiring customer service agents to work for their company out of the comfort of their own home. Some of these jobs can include responding to customers emails, but they can also include acting as a call center call taker or caller for that company. Finding a customer service job based out of your home has many advantages as it will allow many people who are physically challenged or stay at home parents to enjoy the benefits of an income without the hassle of having to go to an office environment.

If you are interested in customer service jobs at home you will need to have some essential items in your home. Almost all of the customer service jobs at home will require you to have a computer with reliable high speed internet, some basic computer skillls, a phone line that for many of these companies is corded some companies do not like cordless phones due to their ability to be monitored on radio frequencies and some form of education which you either have already or obtain by company training programs.

If you are still interested in a customer service job at home then you are probably wondering how to I find legitimate customer service jobs at home that actually pay me. Well here are some tips that can help you to find some of the legitimate customer service jobs at home and how to obtain them!

The first thing that you will want to do is find some variety of websites that provide work at home opportunities. Now these work at home opportunities might not be customer service based, but in my experience many of them include a wide variety of job listings that are available for you to research. I know numerous websites are available that claim to provide this education, but you will want to check out each website at prior to signing up.

The second thing is if you are looking at customer service jobs at home then you will want to determine what kind of customer service you want to be working at. Some customer service jobs at home that I have seen involve only processing orders for a company and can take very little time, while others will require you to sit on the phone all day long answering peoples questions. So you will want to make sure that it is a customer service job at home that you will be able to undertake with very few questions.

The third issue that I have seen many people encounter with work at home customer service jobs is that the hours just will not work for you and your family. For instance many stay at home parents will not want to work when they need to help their children with homework or need to pick them up from school, but that might be the only time that the opening is. So you will want to research that as well and try to find a customer service job at home that has as flexible a schedule as possible for you to have the family time that you enjoy as well.

The final process is actually applying for the customer service work at home job. Now this might be the hardest part of the job search because at times the applications will require you to have specialized items at your home before they hire you. I know one company actually requires you to have a headset to answer the phone with prior to applying, so you will want to make sure that you have the proper items as well. Applying for a customer service job at home though isn't that difficult and much of the time goes rather quickly, but remember the wait can be a long period of time so apply to more than one at a time to increase your odds of finding a customer service job at home.

For many people the benefits of having a customer service job at home far outweighs the hassle of finding the job. However, with the rising cost of gasoline and the constant headache of having to deal with traffic you will probably quickly realize that the money that you would have spent driving to an office or on lunch is going to be in your pocket and you can see why finding a customer service job at home has become so rewarding for so many people as they enjoy the extra cash that they might have otherwise spent on gas instead of the item that they want.


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