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Customization Options for Your Model and Serial Plates

Updated on November 18, 2013
Model and Serial Plates
Model and Serial Plates

Numerous industries use model and serial plates for their tracking and marking needs. The information that you will usually find on these plates include company information, product type information and individual product identifiers. What you see on these plates however may differ from one company to another, and may even be different from one product to another as well.

When businesses order these plates from manufacturers of metal nameplates, they usually specify what kinds of elements they want to have on these. They also tell them how the elements on these should be arranged, how big certain words or spaces should be and other similar concerns. They also dictate a number of other customization requirements they have for these in order to make these fit what their company wants.

Basic Model and Serial Plate Sample
Basic Model and Serial Plate Sample
Model and Serial Tag
Model and Serial Tag

Customizing Model and Serial Plates: What Can You Do?

When you customize your model and serial plates, what you usually do is decide first on what elements to put on these. Should these carry your company’s address? How about your company’s logo? Will all contact information be ideally placed on these or should a single hotline number suffice? These are but a few of the things you need to consider when you order your plates from a manufacturer. To give you a clearer picture of your other customization options, here is a list of some of them:

Materials Used – you can choose to use a wide variety of materials for your plates, depending on where these are to be used, your budget and other similar factors. Your choices include metals like aluminum, stainless steel and bronze, to name a few. You can also choose to use aluminum foil, which is generally lower costing but may be limited in terms of where you can use these. Since aluminum foil is usually attached to the product with the use of an adhesive, some applications may not be suited to this particular choice.

Adhesives and mounting – while these tags can be attached to your products using adhesives, and there are a lot of different kinds of adhesives to choose from, you can actually choose to have these adhere to your items using other methods for mounting. Mounting options include rivets, screws and even soldering, depending again on what kind of material was used to create your tags.

Colors – of course, you can choose what colors to use on your tags. You can choose to use your company’s colors, a different set of shades or combinations that you find will work well with the products these tags are to be used on. Most companies that manufacture these tags will give you numerous options for the colors that you will use on your model and serial plates, with the color options being dependent on the printing method you choose for your plates.

Content – this is probably the most commonly customized element on these metal nameplates, and for an obvious reason. Different companies have different requirements for their plates, hence the need to have different elements placed on such tags. Some choose to have lots of content added plus numerous spaces placed on these tags for a wide variety of information to be added to such plates. Others choose to keep things rather minimal and opt for the basics like model number, serial number and company information only. What you choose is basically dependent on what your company’s tracking and inventory program is, so the information you put on these plates can easily help you with warranties, repair information and other similar concerns.

Size – you can also choose what size your tags will be when you order these model and serial plates from companies that specialize in the creation of customized metal nameplates. You can choose to have these as big as a serving tray in size, which is ideal for use with huge equipment like trucks and construction vehicles. You can also choose to have these made in rather minuscule sizes for use with smaller items like kitchen appliances and garden equipment like lawnmowers and weed whackers.

These are but a few of the things you can customize when it comes to your model and serial plates. If you need to include certain elements that can make inventory and tracking easier, you can choose to have barcodes or UID codes added to these plates. You simply need to ask your favorite metal nameplate manufacturer for the options available to you for these specific plates in order for you to get exactly what you want for your business.


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