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Cutting Logs? Logger Pocket Pants Can Help You More Than You Know

Updated on September 23, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

If You Are a Logger, You Will Like This.

Logging and Logging Trucks a Dangerous Job.

would you be happy or shocked? Not to worry, I am far from even getting close to one of the most-dangerous machines that are on the road: log trucks. Do not take this as a slam to one of America’s most-important industries, because I am not. I am just telling the truth about log trucks and if you do not know what you are doing when you drive a log truck, well, you know what can happen.

Log trucks today are super-strong running with huge diesel engines and pulling those long steel trailers filled to (the legal measurement) of pine, oak, or any type of logs that might be selling at a local paper mill. Okay. You ask what is a paper mill? Paper mills are just that. Paper factories that take wood products (e.g. logs) and through their complex machines, create reams of paper that is cut for all sizes of usage in business, home, and retail businesses. And just think about the school systems and hospitals in America that depend on all sizes and lengths of paper. Then what about our Armed Forces? These industries’ amounts of paper that are used daily is staggering.

Some of these diesel rigs are called “tractors” and can use as many as 18-forward gears depending on the company that hauls certain materials. Some diesel rigs owner/operators lease their tractors to companies because it saves the company a lot of money rather than having to buy or rent these tractors that can range from $56,000 to $80,000-dollars. That is a lot of scratch and worth every penny. For years, when I was kid, it was my dream to drive one of these rigs, but when I reached adulthood and did some research and costs that I would have to pay, I suddenly changed dreams from trucking to working at an FM radio station.

The Pocket Logger's Pants

are made from tough fabric, for as everyone who has worked a day in the woods cutting logs, will testify that logging is one of the worst industries when it comes to ripping jeans and shirts, but not the Logger's Pants.

They are also loose enough to allow you to move fluidly without giving you a bind in the leg area that might cause you to fall and you do not want that. Logger's Pants can be seen by other loggers with their orange color so even the deer hunters can see you working.

Quite frankly, I love my Logger's Pants and if I were young enough to head back into the woods to bring-out a load of logs, the first thing that I would do is buy a few pairs of Logger's Pants.

I Know What Hard Work Means

because I have “paid my dues” with log-cutting, but not like you imagine. My buddies, Steve and Tim, secured a firewood contract with a local Federal Community Assistance Program, and we three we on “Cloud Nine,” due to such a lucrative contract. Sure we had cut and hauled firewood for those who wanted to buy from us, but with the big contract for elderly families, we had to “put our shoulders to the wheel,” that meant the three of us in the woods from Saturday morning at 8:30 until dark.

We cut and loaded half of the contact on one Saturday’s working because we were all spent and decided to finish up the next Saturday. These sticks of wood were heavy enough to make us groan with the breath that we had to fight to get, but we needed the money for our families to have a Christmas and go pay-off a few bills to boot.

I got to noticing that Steve came dressed for log-cutting. He wore the correct-size shoes which if a stick of wood were to fall on his foot, the steel toe would protect his feet. He also wore this Logger’s Apron which held his essential tools, knife, screwdriver, and other things to help us succeed making the contract ours to sign and give to this government agency.

I tried wearing a pair of the pants that he had and you know something, the time that I bought my pair of Logger Pants with Apron and I was instantly made happy at my purchase. I can tell anyone that with fall coming soon, the people who cut firewood and logs will benefit by wearing the Chainsaw Pocket Pants will be just what you need to help give you a great day in the woods.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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