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DIY Unique Product Packaging

Updated on June 8, 2017

While you might think once you ship an item it is out of your hands, the unboxing of items for online businesses is the first real life interact customers have with you and your brand. You want to make it something that will “Wow” them, not make them feel like “Oh, bubble wrap in a box”. Now this could cost a lot of money, however, being the crafty person you are, there are many ways to create crafty, unique packaging your customers will love to open without you spending a lot of money.

Skip the Box

Much of the cost of shipping materials, aside from the actual shipping cost, is from the box. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors and each seems to add more and more cost to something your customers are just going to throw away anyway! If you can, skip the box and think of another way to package your items. If you are putting your items into a standard padded envelope or adding padding of some kind and your items aren’t extremely fragile you can get away with alternative packaging. Try wrapping your items in tissue paper or old vintage music sheets and securing with a wax seal. Or maybe make your own envelopes from newspaper using thread that matches your business's colors. Customers will be excited to open something that looks interesting and different than everything else they open.

Stamp Your Own Marketing Materials

Printing marketing materials to include in your packaging can get expensive even if you do it yourself. Did you know a gallon of printer ink costs $2700?! That’s crazy! Instead of printing everything, try stamping! Keep your materials short and simple and get stamps made that you can then stamp yourself. Or, if you have more content based materials, only stamp the images/details after you have the content printed. Just make sure if you are stamping text that its readable.

Use Alternative Padding

Shipping padding can be a slow profit leak if you aren’t careful. A roll that costs $30 might not seem like a lot until you realize you are losing a couple dollars of profit on each package. Get creative with your padding! Shredded paper works just as well as bubble wrap. Its eco-friendly and you can use all the junk mail you get or purchase from a local thrift store the newspaper they don’t use (an it goes toward a good cause!). If you get packages from wholesales, reuse their bubble wrap, assuming it's still in good use. Customers won’t care if the bubble wrap is new or used and you will be reusing perfectly good materials rather than throwing them away. It’s a win, win!

Get Creative On the Outside Too

Who says all your creativity needs to be spent on the inside of the box? Get creative on the outside too! Draw images or sayings on the outside of the box or envelope. If you feel confident in your hand drawing skills, draw some unique pictures. it shows a more personal touch which is usually why people buy handmade items in the first place. This not only creates interest for your customer, but also the mail carrier who see the package. You might even get a new customer out of it!

What’s great about having a talent for crafting is that you can make just about anything. You can create your shipping materials to match your business perfectly in a way a mass produced company never really could. Also, adding your own spin on your packaging materials shows a personal touch and makes it a unique, fun experience for your customer when opening up their packages.


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