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Dealing with the job you hate

Updated on September 21, 2014

Get Plenty of Rest

Getting enough sleep is crucial to dealing with a job you hate. Irritability due to a lack of sleep will only compound the frustration you are already feeling and make everyday that much more miserable. Simple, non-threatening things will easily send you over the edge causing you to damage your working relationships or get fired a hair sooner than what you wanted. It's also not fair to your co-workers that will have to deal with you being irritable. You may not like your job, but they may love theirs. Don't ruin it for them or yourself, go to bed and be fresh the next day. Its one less thing you have to worry about.

Utilize your Lunch Breaks

Whether its an hour or 30 minutes, use your lunch break to your advantage. If possible take that time to walk or drive to that nearby park and relax with your grub. If you cant leave the premises or the parks are too far, go outside and chill at a picnic table. If its too cold outside, bring something to read like a comic book, newspaper, or a bible. If you can get to your car, turn the radio on, lay back for a minute and chill. That small break may allow you enough time to cool your jets and get through the rest of the day calmly.

Play music while working

I know this may be impossible at some jobs, but if you can listen to some tunes while toiling away, DO IT!! Hearing your favorite tune may life your spirits just enough to get you through. Not thinking about how miserable you are will make the day go by a bit faster and get you home quicker. Listening to music also increases productivity in some situations.

Maximize your Recreation outside of work

It really sucks to come home after work and have to sit at home bored thinking about.. Recreation will help keep your mind off the day's crap and maybe take just enough of the edge off so you can function properly the next day. Take that weekend and go fishing or to the amusement park with your kids. Plan some simple trips or events for the future. Your stress level and blood pressure will decrease and will allow you to have something to look forward to.

Be diligent in changing your situation

The reason why we are in our bad situations so long is generally of our own doing. Once depression, procrastination or fear set in, making changes can be nearly impossible. Over-planning is another issue. We have all types of notebooks and word documents that we write our plans and dreams on and don't take any action to put any of them into place. The planning process itself can make you feel better, at least at first. You go to bed feeling you have done some "work" to get out of your situation. You have organized your thoughts. You have written down potential employers to check out. You have a list of numbers to call for the next day. The next thing you know it is a month later and you haven't contacted anyone. You are still at the same place getting angrier and angrier. What happened? The temporary feeling of relief of "getting something started" made you become complacent again.

These forces of depression, anger, despair and complacency are very strong and can suck the life right out of you or leave you stuck. Keep yourself around people who are like-minded, and forward moving. Take every spare moment you have to search for change. Every minute you waste being depressed, watching television, drinking and procrastinating could have been used to go online and search for that new position, enroll in that class, or starting that business you always wanted.


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