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Definite Proof that Business Emails Are Just that-Business

Updated on July 7, 2015

Did Hillary Clinton Know Better?

We have heard more than once within the past couple of years now; about how important it is to keep business emails as business,and private emails as private. Or, at least should have been.

You do not have to be Hillary Clinton to know that saving your business correspondence within your business email account is important. It does not matter if your work for the government or not. It matters that you keep a record of important business, especially government correspondences out of your private emails. Also upon request from officials; you provide them. We have heard that some very important emails were either deleted or lost for one reason or the other. We will try not to be judgmental; I guess.

If you are an employee of any company who has decided on your own that you will use your private email; it would be best if you think about it twice before doing so.

Did Hillary Clinton know better? I think she did, but Hillary being Ms. Bill Clinton; she decided she wanted to use her personal or private email.

Social Media is Not For Business Emails

Emails are a large part of business communication in this age of technical abilities. eHow states that Social media is more popular now than email. For personal communication that might be a yes, but for business communication; that would be a definite no. It seems there would be a lot of possible problems with using social networking instead of inner office business mail, or customer service communication. For communication of certain business to business activities; I would have to believe that it would depend upon the company policies and procedures for social media to be acceptable communication. For advertising, and generating business, we can all see the positive effects.

Some people will pick up the phone and tell you what you need to know. Others prefer email. Email is a guarantee that you got it right, or as right as you have been told. If it is in writing; that is as good as it gets. Most people cannot argue with the written word; with their name-email address on it.

No, we are not the Secretary of State. Non-the-less company emails are an important part of the work relationships for managers, supervisors, team leaders or those with authority, and then to you the mere confident or (no offense) employee of the aforementioned.

Business Email Best Practices

You never know when getting instructions from an in-between person; if you have gotten the latest confirmation for what is going down. Always know the person giving you instructions is in the position to give directions, orders, directives, or guidance. If they are just like you; get it from the horse’s mouth or closer. You will never be sorry even if it makes your co-worker upset.

Save all of your emails that you have been given instruction in. This is not saying you do not trust other people. It is only an indication of the fact that we are all humans, and sometimes humans forget the instructions they have received and/or given other individuals; even the manager.

When delivering an email to a manager that has requested it; make sure you have written the mail exclusively as your instructions for whatever you are relaying, (one alternative is to forward). It is best not to overly indicate the other person’s name that gave you the instructions. This is why you have your instruction email saved. It will have the name on it as to who gave the instructions.

Email is an Essential Business Tool

Email has been popular for many years now; to say the least. It is a tool between businesses, customers, customer support, to include purchasing, developing and the inner office personnel.

Everybody has email. Everybody can write, explain, give directions and take directions. With that said it is a good communication as it is in writing, and usually tells the facts as they are at that very moment. With that said, often facts change within a moment also. We have all been dealt the hand of getting the wrong information at some point. But, we have also been given the latest update to the right information that should never be destroyed. It may come in handy one day, who knows?

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Is It Acceptable to Hide The Truth?

It is never acceptable to hide the truth for a friend, a team leader or anyone who has given you information that was misconstrued as being legitimate or correct. I know that sounds harsh, but the truth is the truth in all instances. It does not matter who it is. If you lose your job in this instance; you have probably had the guardian angel looking out for you. Something worse could happen. You at least still have your integrity intact and a lesson well learned.

Be sure that you have not misplaced an email that you received after the last facts you were sent. Take a careful look in the junk folder to make sure you have all the information you received for that particular subject. Do not guess. Be calm and take a look, and give the information you have with dignity and confidence.

You Can Better Defend Yourself If You Do It Right!

Is It Reasonable to Have a Private Email At Work?

My managerial experience says no. You are at work for one purpose, and that is to do what you have been hired to do; not keep up with Aunt Jenny’s latest boyfriend. Most individuals have family and important rolls outside of the office, but with easy access to texting, smartphones, and office phones; if an emergency occurs, you will know it.

Most companies would not be happy if you are pulling up your private email at work, and it would never be acceptable to receive work emails in your private email account. You do not have to be Secretary of State to know that one simply rule. Most any employee knows that receiving business email through a private email account or server is unacceptable.

Most Important Fact of The Benghazi Email Conversation

Everyone has their own interpretation of the facts from the news on the above written matter regarding the Benghazi emails. Whether Ms. Clinton knew it was a video or terrorist; four people died in what we now know was a terrible terrorist attack.

She has officially suffered vast criticism for her statement "what difference does it make now?" Another reaction was given by the boys on the roof; "Stand down."

This all relates back to what was the truth about the business/government emails that got lost in the translation?


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