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Planning and Reflecting will change your life

Updated on September 16, 2016
Differing Practices of PDCA
Differing Practices of PDCA

PDCA cycle for you!

Plan-DO-Check-Act (PDCA)

The most fundamental, simple and elegant management concept is Plan - DO-Check -Act Cycle was popularized by Edward Deming, the American who is credited with guiding the Japanese Industry into World Class Corporations. Any repetitive work, be it personal and professional follows the PDCA cycle, knowingly or unknowingly. Just reflect on any component of your daily life and you will realize that it has the 4 components, though in a disproportionate manner. More of P (Planning) and CA(Check & Act) will reduce the proportion of activities. If consciously practiced the PDCA cycle will lead to a perfect cycle and peace will reign supreme. The faces of Japanese reveals it quite clearly.

The simplicity, elegance and power of PDCA makes it one of the most powerful management principles in terms of its potential for perpetual improvements. The Japanese moved on the path shown by Deming and rest is the glamorous history of Japan which catapulted it into one of the most powerful economies of the world . One of the strongest practice of Japanese TQM is PDCA

Right Proportion of Plan -Do- Reflect

PDCA is all about right proportioning of our attention on cyclic jobs / repetitive jobs in the components of Plan-Do-Check and Act. We need to have a sound plan which we do have in weak or casual form. Doing is a must so we do the things. Checking is all about reflecting the Plan vs doing and finding areas of weakness or opportunity for improvement. Acting is changing or refining the Plan. We can see that if we practice PDCA consciously we move towards perfection as the problem points/items get eliminated over a course of time.

If we reflect on our life at work place and home and ask a question "Whether things have changed for better in the past couple of months or years! The answer will measure our practice of PDCA. If the answer is "no" then it means that you have not been trying for improving your own work! and you alone are responsible for the build up of all the mess around you.

Are we learning from our doings or undoings

You are at the moment of leaving your home and busy with locking all the rooms etc as you are leaving with your family for vacations which happens every 6 months or so and grappling with the same set of problems you have faced in the past, repeatedly. You are not finding all the keys! Some more routine problems crop up and it becomes a tense moment as time is running short and you are getting delayed for your flight. A very big false start to a pleasure trip.

Same experiences day after day

It is all about not planning and reflecting to make the process simple and simple with time. Same is at the work place.. You always seems to struggle with the same kinds of problem.. What is to be done? Plan and reflect in how so small manner possible.. build up on that and life will start singing. The sources of stress will start disappearing with time.

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