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Denny's Job Application

Updated on June 29, 2011

Denny's hires thousands of employees across the United States. You as an applicant of Denny's will have a wide variety of job titles to choose from. The restaurant has numerous positions for entry level applicants as well as high level management and corporate job seekers. A few of the most popular positions with the restaurant include waiter/waitressing, work in the kitchen as a cook/prep chef, or cashier. The restaurant is in no way a "dead end job." Many worker's at Denny's find themselves advancing through the ranks and notice their pay increasing over time. If you are in need of a job in a friendly and fair work environment, read the information below to get started.

To start in the application process, head over to Denny's main website and click on the "careers tab." This link can be found at the very bottom of the home page. Upon clicking the link you will immediately be sent to the career page where you can enter your zip code to search for jobs in your area. Once you have entered your zip code, you will be presented with a map of Denny's locations in your area. Search the map for the location nearest you. Each store option includes a link entitled "view employment opportunities." Click to see which jobs are available at your chosen location.

Once you have found a Denny's job position you are interested click apply to begin the application process. The application is basic, you will need to enter your personal information as well as several other key pieces of information. When filling out the application be sure to keep it 100% error free. Simple spelling or grammar mistakes on an application can sometimes lead to instant denial it. Also be sure to keep your references and employment history up to date and relevant. When adding a reference be sure to add previous employers of which you are still on good terms with. As for your employment history be sure to include any restaurant experience you might have had. Previous restaurant experience is a big plus when applying a job at Denny's.

Unlike some restaurants the Denny's application is limited to online. You may stop in to your nearest Denny's locations and pick up an application. When you are ready to turn in your application be sure to dress nicely and make a good impression. Ask to speak with a manager as it will be a great opportunity to meet the restaurants management. After your application is turned in call the manager regularly in hopes of receiving an interview.

If you are interested in applying for a corporate position with Denny's, find out if there is a corporate location in your area through denny' Be advised that the company's corporate positions may require a certain level of previous training, education, or experience. The company's corporate jobs provide much more responsibility than their entry level restaurant positions.

Denny's offers their employees benefits however you must be eligible through job position or seniority. The restaurant features the following employee benefits: medical, health, vision benefits, 401k, life insurance. Be sure to inquire with a manager or supervisor as to which of these benefits your particular job position is eligible.

In closing Denny's is an ideal place to work for anyone interested in working in the restaurant industry. It is ideal for someone without previous experience as well as someone with lots of previous interest. Workers as young as 16 can be found at Denny's working in an enjoyable work environment earning competitive pay and generous benefits. Good luck with your potential future employer.


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