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To Be Online or Not To Be Online, That Is the Dental Marketing Question

Updated on August 24, 2011

More and more dentists are asking the same question, "What is the best choice for marketing my dental practice, online or offline? Well, the answer to this question is simple. The best choice for marketing your dental practice is neither and/or both offline and online dental marketing. Each of these dental marketing strategies have benefits that are all their own. It is ultimately your decision which method you choose. Right now, I would like to tell you a little more about the advantages to each dental marketing strategy, both offline and online.

Dental Marketing

(c) LajosRepasi at
(c) LajosRepasi at

The Benefits of Dental Marketing Online

If you really take the time to think it through, you will see that over the next few years, the greatest possibility is that the majority of dental patients choose to look for dental marketing online most often. These days it seems that more and more people are choosing to contact their dentists over the Internet.

It is a good estimate that about eighty percent dental patients locate and make contact with their dentists online. Imagine that you ask one hundred different dental patients where they would go to get directions to their dentist's office, how they researched new dental procedures and chose new dentists for the care. At least eighty or ninety of these people would tell you that they just go online and type whatever they want to know into the search engine and go.

Going online saves customers time that otherwise would be spent driving around from one dentist office to another until finding the right one. Think about it like this, for instance, let us say that you want to find out about the newest line of laptop computers that have just become available on the market. It would make a lot more sense to just log on to the Internet from the comforts of your home or office to find the latest promotions than it would be to drive to your local electronics store miles and miles down the road. Browsing for dentists online saves time and energy.

The same is true with online dental marketing. It would definitely be a lot easier if your dental patients could reach you online respectively. If they only have to make one trip from their home to their dentist's office, they will save a great deal of energy as well as time, for which they will be ever so grateful. With just the click of their mouse, they will be able to link directly to the dentist of their choice.

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The Benefits of Dental Marketing Offline

Just like with marketing your dental practice online, marketing your dental practice offline has a great number of advantages that are all their own. The conventional methods of dental marketing still work well as a way of reaching out to prospective patients, at least for the most part.

One of the best ways to do external dental marketing is also one of the most cost-efficient. Freestanding inserts allow you to target ideal patients or niche. You can aim your freestanding insert toward the patients that you wish to attract or make an attractive offer that will drive them right to your dental office door.

You may also wish to try direct mailing. More than likely, people are always going to have some type of mailbox in order to receive mail at their place of residence. The number of people who read the newspaper, listen to the radio and watch televisions is diminishing. However, that is not the case with direct mailing. Many people to this day continue to receive messages in a traditional mailbox, and probably always will.

A Unique Approach To Dental Marketing

With just a little time and effort, you should be able to build a stable network of highly regarded contacts in the media, prestigious media professionals, editors and journalist to support your efforts of news distribution. This will ultimately work to save you time when you promote your dental practice, distributing news by designing press releases targeted at your ideal marketing audience, magazine editorial as well as social medial efforts. This is how you will really begin to make your marketing budgeting dollars work best.

As you go along, you will find that in fact that there are many different innovative and unique strategies that you can use to market your dental practice both online and offline. These strategies will allow you to move you dental practice all the way up to the top of the ladder with hardly any effort at all. Best of all, if you continue to evaluate and adjust your dental marketing strategy you will be able to stay at the top, serving the most prestigious clientele.

(c) webphotographeer at
(c) webphotographeer at

Conclusion: Online Dental Marketing Works!

In recent studies, it has been determined that the dental practices that implemented RSS marketing, web optimization, email and press release distribution service often are the most successful in the dental industry. As long as you stay focused and committed to getting results with each public relations and marketing strategy that you execute, you will enjoy benefits that until now you have only imagined.

The effectiveness of your marketing efforts toward your patients can have quite an effect on your efforts to build your dental practice. Your target marketing audience wants to hear what you have to say, but you have to ensure that you are sending out the appropriate message, each and every time.

Now, you should have an understanding of both online and offline dental marketing. However, it remains a matter of personal preference and determining what will work best for your particular dental practice when making such a decision. When you are planning your dental marketing campaign, be sure to consider the area where your office is located, the average rate for advertising as well as patient receptiveness in your area. Do not be afraid to try a few tests on your market to decide which strategies seem to have the most favorable effects.

Knowing how to efficiently market your dental practice, whether you choose to do it online, offline, both or neither, you will be able to lead the industry by creating a strong dental marketing campaign. You will have more patients walking through your dental office doors, build your practice and encourage more of your patients to refer you to their family, friends and business associates. Do not waste any more of your precious time, energy, resources or dental marketing budget on marketing campaigns that only generate moderate results. An efficient, well-executed dental marketing campaign is all that you will ever need to get the results that you want.

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