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5 Good Reasons For Outsourcing Graphic Design Task For Small Businesses And Startups

Updated on August 19, 2016






Startups and some small businesses have been known for their one man band abilities and sometimes, outsourcing a task or two could look a little intimidating for them. These concerns are at times due to loss of control and limited funds.

But outsourcing has lots of merits that even startups and small businesses can benefit from as we will discover in a moment. But first, let's understand what outsourcing is. Outsourcing is simply the delegation of certain organisational tasks to a third party, and here are the 6 good reasons for doing so.


Partnering with a third party means getting access to the best knowledge out there and taking advantage of professional skills to complement existing abilities. Businesses get a good image to promote their service or product and preserve their brand.


Startups and some small businesses have sometimes hurt their reputation by trying to do jobs they have little skills for. And there is no greater way to having access to complimentary skills, in sending out the right message and in engaging with customers than outsourcing. The number two reason for outsourcing is better results.


There is an old adage that says that two are better than one. A professional graphic designer knows exactly how to design a marketing material to give a business a high conversion rate. Graphic designers know how to target specific market group using the right tone of voice to make the impact required. This is a good benefit to desire. So what is the decision going to be? Don't tell me yet. Let's just concentrate our efforts on the next benefit.


One of the big advantages of outsourcing is that it frees startups and small Business owners to focus on their core businesses. This increases competence and allows businesses to be the best at what they do. And there is more because outsourcing allows businesses to compete healthily in their chosen fields, thereby, capturing their market share. This leads to our next reason for outsourcing which is cost reduction. Did you say cost reduction? Yes, you heard me right.


There is no need shedding money on infrastructure or equipment that is hardly going to be used. What is the point of buying a huge design equipment which is only going to be used for periodic campaigns? And what is the use of hiring a full-time graphic designer when their services are not going to be constantly and fully engaged? That business would only be haemorrhaging money and wasting resources. So, it makes business sense to hire the task out as and when needed.

And that's not all because if there is anything a business owner seem to have in limitation, it's time but if there is anything they seem to grow in, it's creativity.


If there is any other benefit associated with outsourcing, it's saving time. Because after outsourcing, the proprietor now has enough time to concentrate on the core business. The business owner is able to think better, find inspiration to fire the imagination and release creative ideas to take the business forward.

So, what are your thoughts now? Do you have any reservations about outsourcing? Do you think it's a good idea?


Have you outsource a task before?

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