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Developing Personal Competencies

Updated on July 18, 2011

Developing Personal Competencies

Each of us are unique human being that have unique personal skills, talents, and competencies. We can make a big difference in our life just by focusing on our uniqueness.

The principle of success is simple: by focusing to develop personal competencies based on our own unique personal talents that we can do better than anyone else because no one is created equal.

Each of us have unique fingerprint, and each of us also have unique personal talent that can be developed into unique personal competencies.

By developing our unique personal competencies then we have personal competitive advantages. And when we use those personal competitive advantages in our business life than we can stay ahead of the competition simply because there is no one who can match us in term of uniqueness. We can ensure our success in business if we focus to do business based on our personal core skills, talents, and competencies.

Here are 10 simple strategy to develop your personal competencies:

1. Develop Your Hobbies.

Each of us have hobbies, something that we love to do even though we are not being paid to do it. Some of those hobbies are just stay dormant and undeveloped simply because we are too lazy. Stop letting your hobbies stay dormant! We can do something to really develop our hobbies and turn them personal core competencies. When we have turn our hobbies into personal core competencies, we can reap great benefits first in our personal life and especially in business.

2. Embrace the Principle of Constant and Never Ending Improvement.

In Japanese management principles, the principle of Constant and Never Ending Improvement is called Kaizen. Applying the principle constant and never ending improvement or Kaizen to improve our skills, competencies, and abilities can ensure that we can do better from time-to-time. Developing personal expertize requires constant efforts. By constantly build our skills and competencies days in and and days out, we even can be amazed at what we can do eventually. Reading and understand about the principles of Kaizen, as applied by many successful Japanese companies, can give us great inspiration.

3. Stay in Tune with the Current Trends

Current trends give us clue about where we should go in relation with what kind of personal talents and competencies that need to be created, improved, and maintained. We don't want to be obsolete. Reading and respond wisely to the current trends is crucial so that we will not be left behind in our specialized field of expertises. Staying current to the trends can help an individual or business organization to stay ahead of the competition. Timing to maximize profits based on current and even future trends is crucial to any business and individual efforts.

Reaping the Benefits

4. Reap Benefits from Your Knowledge

When you have personal core competencies, the kind of of competencies that differentiate yourself from others, then you can reap from those competencies. The key is in your uniqueness. What are you uniqueness? Or more specifically, what are your strategic personal core competencies that can be used to reap great benefits just because you are unique.

5. Be Creative and Innovative

Each of us have unique skills, talents, and abilities. To be innovative and creative is a matter finding, using, and expanding our uniqueness. Creativity and innovativeness can be built by continuously upgrade our unique skills, talents, and abilities. Imitating others hinder our own uniqueness. Start developing your own unique skills, talents, and abilities and you will find new surprises that might amaze yourself.

7. Accelerate Your Progress

Save time by accelerating your progress. Use some innovative approach to create breakthrough changes that can accelerate your progress. Have a strong determination to change your situation. Be disciplined in your efforts. Focus only 2 or 3 highest value activities that can make a big difference in your life. Start living your best life by developing and using strategic core competencies that can accelerate your progress in significant ways.

8. Be Competitive

Be competitive by observing how your competitors are better that you are. Learn what they are doing well. Adapt and use the lessons learned into your situation. Your competitors are not your enemies, they are the ones that keep you motivated to do your very best.

8. Have a Sense of Urgency

There are many high value jobs that must be done immediately. The best way to get them done immediately is by having a sense of urgency. Set the deadlines on when you must finish certain projects, and then keep that deadlines. Making and keeping your deadlines helps you to get more jobs done in less time.

9. Focus and Concentrate

Focus and concentration is crucial in any of your efforts. Without focus and concentration you squander your time for nothing. Use the power of focus and concentration to accelerate the progress in getting the jobs done. Limit yourself to only 2 or 3 highest value activities in a day and delegate the rest of the jobs.

10. Always Finish What You Have Begun

If you can start but having difficulties to finish it then you have real problems that hinder you from what you can achieve and what you can actually be. You are the chronic time wasters if you always starts but cannot finish it. It's better not to begin a project that to begin one but cannot finish it. To stop this nasty habits, put disciplined efforts into whatever project that you have. Begin with a simple project and then immediately finish that project. Then begin another more difficult ones, and immediately finish those projects. Build the habits of always finish what you have begun - starting today!

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      Hendi 7 years ago

      Great advice. It motivated me