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Prepare Yourself for Success in Your Home Based Business!

Updated on December 6, 2017
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Nancy has been a licensed business owner and freelancer since 2010.

Prepare to Win

Create a Successful Mindset
Create a Successful Mindset | Source

It Begins in Your Thoughts

Our thoughts drive our behaviors. It is important to monitor your thought patterns about your business goals from the beginning. If entrepreneurship is approached with vague goals, the results will also be vague. The more specific your thoughts are, when visualizing your enterprise, the more specific your actions will be, bringing concrete, planned results.

Creating a mind-set of success is not difficult; however, it does require effort. From the beginning, it is important to make the time to develop attitudes and thought patterns that embrace success, rather than vague notions or wishes. Take some time to think about your beliefs about being successful. When you think about going into business for yourself, do you feel confident, or do you feel uncertain about your ability to succeed? If you feel uncertain about your ability to succeed, you should ask yourself what it is about the idea of success that causes this uncertainty.

As you read through these tips for developing your belief patterns about success, you may want to jot down a few notes as to how thinking about these ideas evokes emotion and even physiological responses. This may help you to understand your belief patterns in relation to your own definition of success.

Be Specific

Be specific about what success means to you. Of course, you want to make money, and be, have, and do the things that are important to you. However, right now you are defining the success of your home based business. Define for yourself what it is that will make your business venture successful. Be specific in terms of both short-term and long-term earnings, profits, and sales. This is the time to do some blue-sky thinking. While you are doing this, try to visualize yourself going about the daily activities of running your home based business. What are your core responsibilities? Will you have a staff? How will you interact with other business owners in your community?

Make a Decision Now

Make a clear decision that you are successful. Wishing for success will likely just get you more wishing. Think of it like this: At this point in time. you really are successful. You have not begun, but you have not failed, either. As you become more positive in your thinking, you will develop more decision-making confidence. Good decisions produce good results.

Develop a Positive Belief System

It is possible to change your beliefs about success. Doing this will help you to develop confidence in yourself, in the decisions you make, and in the business interactions you have with others. Write out some statements that you can repeat to yourself over, and over again until those beliefs become a natural part of your thought processes. Some examples are as follows:

·I enjoy interacting with my customers.

·I solve problems methodically. I use the problems that crop up as opportunities to create a more effective way of doing business.

·I follow through on projects, goals, and communications in a timely manner.

·I am capable of managing this situation.

·I earn more money every day.

·I am developing a very successful enterprise.

List Your Best Attitudes and Ideas

On the left side of your paper, make a list of your top ten characteristics, or qualities, that you believe will help you to achieve success. This is the time to sing your own praises. On the right side of your paper, list ten ideas you have about how you can be even more positive in your thinking when it comes to developing your home based business.

Keep Moving Toward Your Business Goals

The world continues to turn even if we sit still.
The world continues to turn even if we sit still. | Source

Hand Out Your Business Card Frequently

It may feel strange at first, but as time goes on you will become more comfortable with handing out your card.
It may feel strange at first, but as time goes on you will become more comfortable with handing out your card. | Source

Commonalities in Thinking

Successful business owners seem to share some common characteristics in their thinking:

  • They believe in their ability to succeed.
  • They think in terms of possibilities.
  • They demonstrate confidence in themselves and in their product or service.
  • They have enthusiasm for whatever it is they are doing.
  • They seem genuinely interested in others.
  • They approach problem solving with an attitude of interest, perseverance, and confidence.
  • They embrace an element of risk.
  • They acknowledge failure and learn from it. If something doesn’t work they try something different.
  • They dwell on the positive aspects of a situation or circumstance.

Top Entrepreneurs Have Things in Common

Organizational skill is a common trait among top entrepreneurs.
Organizational skill is a common trait among top entrepreneurs. | Source

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