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Different Types of Bogus Online Buyers

Updated on August 2, 2016


With the World's Technology today, a lot of entrepreneur take their Business online. Since tons of businesses and products are available through the internet, almost all people do their shopping online too. However, it's not all the time that we, as a shopper, have the ability to purchase what we want right away. There are instances when online shoppers already closed a deal with the online seller then something happens that made the shopper change his/her mind and cancels the deal or just simply doesn't show up on the meet up place. Thus leaving the online seller hanging and the online buyer is tagged as bogus or joy reserver. Here are some of the different types of bogus buyers that I listed based on my experience as an online seller. Check it out and let me know which one of those bogus buyers of yours made you laugh and those that made your day blue.


BOGUS--not genuine. fake.unfair
BUYER--A person who buys.
BOGUS BUYER--Fake purchaser. A person who wants the product so much but doesn't have the intention to buy it as of the moment for some reason.
JOY RESERVER--A person who finds Joy in Reserving an online seller's product.

Here they are:

1. The Excited Mine--These are the online buyers who would type in " MINE" on the photos you're selling so fast then eventually disappears in a flash.

2. The Undecided--Buyers who asks a lot of questions then end the conversation with " I'll text/PM you once i'm decided".

3. The Skeptic Investigator--They will be asking odd personal questions more that about the items you're selling. It will make you feel like you just commited a crime of som sort, then stop messaging you suddenly. -That will leave you worried and wondering if your replies are bad.

4.The Dejavu--These are bogus buyers who would ask the same questions over and over. Oh Boy! they love asking questions about whatever are already listed on the description part of the item for sale. Answering each of their questions will make you feel line you've already answered those, which you really already did.

5.The Stalker--They will be using different mobile numbers or different social media accounts to message you just to get a discount.

6. The No Read, No Write type-(Don't want to read the item's description and Don't want to write understandable messages too).-- These are the people who would sms/pm you with incomplete queries and incomplete sentences too.- it will leave you guessing which item are they referring to.

7. The Demanding Dreamers--These people are the most funny among all types. They will be asking for discounts, they want the items to be perfect-zero flaws even if they're buying used items, they'll demand for the item to be delivered now at their home with no extra cost. Usually, these bogus are nice though, its just that their demands are near to impossible.

8. The Sarcastic Match-Maker--These people love comparing prices and making up stories. They will tell you that your item's price is as high or higher than the Mall's price, though you know for sure that your price is way lower than the Mall's price, and sarcastically ending their message with " Lol", Hahaha" or "Hehehe".-I honestly dont know what's up with these people:).

9. The Critic Negotiator--These type of bogus buyers will drive any sellers nuts!. They will bargain to death too. Their offer to buy price will be the lowest-next to Free. example: if your price is $10, the critic negotiator will offer to buy your item for $1. If you politely say "no", they will offer $1.50, if you again say " no" and inform them that the last price is $9, they will haggle for $2, then they will criticize your items.

10. The Lovely Reserver--They Love to Reserve your items Forever.


For us not to be tagged or named as bogus, as online buyers it is important to communicate with the online seller if we suddenly had a change of plan. Whatever that reason may be, as long as you inform the online seller ahead of time that you wont be able to continue with the purchase, I'm pretty sure they'll understand.

Note to Online sellers: Don't ever let these bogus buyers get into your nerves. Stay calm. Reply to their messages professionally and with respect. As an online seller, you'll be encountering more of these types in the future, so take it lightly.

Have a great day everyone!


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